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  1. One of Grant Green's Blue Notes has a bottle rolling across the floor.

    lolz, which GG is that?

    Sorry chewy, can't recall this offhand. If I come across it I'll let you know. Most likely one of the quartets with Sonny Clarke.

    It's on God Bless The Child from the Sunday Mornin' album (the bottle is knocked over at 5:33).

    There's a Gil Evans (on RCA) where a police siren can be heard.

    Not familiar with that one, but on George Russell's RCA, the alternate take of Ballad Of Hix Blewitt has a siren in the background.

  2. On the back of Billy Wallace's Gig record (GLP 101) there is a notice for another Gig record (GLP 102) by an artist named Leigh Travis. The record is called, Time Out For Travis.

    Does anyone have any information about this presumably Chicago-based female musician ? Additionally, since the Bruyninckx and Lord discographies have no entry for her, does anyone know whether Time Out For Travis was ever actually issued ?

  3. Using the regular search box only brings up threads with activity in the last year, necessitating the use of the advanced search page in order to search the full archive. Frustratingly, the search by date function on the advanced search page is not returning threads with activity within the date range specified, or even displaying results in chronological order.

  4. The good folks at Fresh Sound really missed an opportunity with their Complete Debut Recordings of John LaPorta reissue. Instead of giving us a 2-CD set padded with alternate takes and already-available Fantasy material, they could have issued a single CD (~ 79 mins.) featuring the two LaPorta-led Debut dates, plus Levister's Manhattan Monodrama Debut session on which he appears as a sideman.

    Levister's latest, Jazzanova, is so utterly inconsequential compared to the brilliance and originality of Manhattan Monodrama, that it scarely seems possible that they are products of the same musical mind, even allowing for the half-century between them.

    My copy of Manhattan Monodrama isn't for sale at any price, but the most recent copy to appear on Ebay was bid up to $500 without meeting the reserve !

  5. How about the uncategorizable Scots clarinetist Sandy Brown's "Hair At Its Hairiest" (Fontana SJF 1921)? Quite a band, with Kenny Wheeler on trumpet, George Chisholm on trombone, Johnny (sic) McLaughlin on guitar, Lenny Bush bass and Bobby Orr on drums. Issued on CD as Lake LACD 160.

    Quite a cover shot (which I don't know how to include) of Brown in a sporran and naught else but the bass clarinet he's holding. At least, I think that's what it is. I HOPE that's what it is.


    Hardcore sporran !

    I suppose one's "Gentlemen Friends" aren't really protected unless safely shielded by a knee-length sporran.

    Track 4 on the album is, "Easy To Be Hard" ; I'd say the cover gives the lie to that !

  6. I'm a fan.


    McFarland's wasn't the only jazz version...


    Peter King (tenor); Les Condon (trumpet); Gordon Beck (piano); Kenny Napper (bass); Tony Kinsey (drums)

    Earlier, Kinsey recorded a few songs from My Fair Lady that came out on a Decca 7-inch...


    Bob Efford (tenor); Les Condon (trumpet); Bill Le Sage (piano,vibes); Pete Blannin or Lennie Bush (bass); Tony Kinsey (drums)

  7. Do members here now have license to link to sites that contain download links to copyrighted material, or is this to be exclusively an executive privilege ?