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  1. 1 hour ago, mjazzg said:

    Is it cut at 45rpm?

    Having spoken to the person who's releasing it about a previous Nimbus reissue he did with the same approach I'm pretty certain the 3 LP format is to improve the sound quality, in his view.

    I'd like to hear and see if it is an improvement on the CD that I have. Amazing it is.

    It's all at 33 1/3. Nice and spacious sound.

  2. Got my copy from Dusty Groove on Monday. Three LPs in a single-pocket sleeve. Curious as to why they moved this to 3LPs instead of the original 2LP configuration. The original had two long cuts on side be totaling about 28:30, but that's not unheard of. Now, each track has it's own side, save for the last two (one of them running only 1:58)

    AMAZING music, though, no doubt about it.

  3. On 3/15/2019 at 0:35 PM, Aftab said:

    Ugh, not having luck with the Tone Poet series - first copy of Now He Sings was dish warped (!) - haven't opened the replacement yet - and now I received Contours in a smashed box with a smashed corner on the gatefold (not acceptable for a new item IMO) and the replacement won't come for about two weeks - I know, I know...lame things to get upset over, but it still frustrates me. 

    My first Tone Poets copy of Contours had some scuffing around the edge of side two, resulting in clicks for the first 30 seconds or so. Bought it at a local shop. Ordered another copy on Amazon, and sent them back the defective one. New one was about as flawless as I've ever seen an LP. Very nice.

  4. On 8/3/2018 at 5:49 PM, Kevin Bresnahan said:

    Original Transition LPs??? If true, just that Watkins LP with inserts alone is worth about $1,000, especially if the labels are somehow still attached to the plastic record.

    The Watkins seems to be pressed on vinyl so those labels are firmly attached. The other three are styrene. Two have shed the labels (though they were in the sleeves).




    On 8/6/2018 at 10:16 AM, clifford_thornton said:

    wait what

    It was a good day. :)

    Also, did the 5" acetate 78s mentioned on the back of the booklet ever materialize? Seems like those would be even more hard-to-find...

  5. Picked up four of these Transition titles last week at a Half Price Books:

    • Donald Byrd - Byrd Blows on Beacon Hill
    • Lucky Thompson - Lucky Strikes
    • Sun Ra - Jazz By Sun Ra, Vol. 1
    • Doug Watkins - Watkins at Large

    They all have the booklets. Records look NM, though the Watkins has a split spine and the Sun Ra has some spine and seam splitting.

    The Sun Ra booklet is a TRIP

  6. I saw Ben Frost at a small club in St. Paul a couple of years ago. He had four Ampeg SVT 8x10 bass cabinets with their 300w amps set up as his guitar rig. Between the Ampegs they parked some sort of subwoofer roughly the size of a Volkswagen to augment the PA. Chunks of something were falling from the ceiling. Frost's whiskey in a glass onstage vibrated almost as though it was boiling. I had earplugs, as always, so it was enjoyable.

  7. Listening now to Unity. Vinyl is heavy and very quiet but, disappointingly, a little off-center. Sound quality is nice and smooth. Music still doesn't thrill me, but I'm glad to have the album.

    That's the worst. Just took a moment to remove all of them from my Amazon wish list. How could they let that get past quality control? It's a shame, really.

    Funny thing is that I've bought a few of those grey-market Doxy reissues, and every single one is quiet, flat, and dead-center.

  8. About these reissues - I was excited when I saw the list, but I withheld judgement until I saw the releases in the store. I went to a local shop this week and looked at a couple.

    Wish they would have put a bit more effort into the package. These covers are THIN. Thinner than an OJC LP cover. Almost as thin as those old UK or French covers. I understand about saving costs, and this isn't about the nostalgia for nice tip-on sleeves. These things just won't last, for certain. In the shops, they're going to get bent corners, and they probably won't fare much better when shipped. And once on the shelf, they'll be that much more susceptible to wear-n-tear.

    I was all ready to unload a fortune on these, but now I may only pick up a couple. Bummer.