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  1. Hi Mike, I agree that that those two solos are great, and both indicators of what was to come. It's amazing how little time there was between Sextant and Headhunters actually - those rehearsals must have been electric as everything came together! Herbie's style definitely continued to evolve through the '70's too.
  2. Well there are a number of aspects to his solos of the 70s (when he happened to be playing on a Rhodes) that he had certainly developed well since his Blue Note albums as leader. There are particular licks that I definitely associate with this era. In the following transcription I did for instance, there's a lick at 1:17 that is characteristic of what he was doing in the 70's whilst playing a Rhodes. The book doesn't have to be Rhodes-specific either though, so I take your point. I feel better informed to provide an analysis of what Herbie was doing on his Rhodes than I am on all his earlier work, though. Thanks, Tom
  3. .. what would you like to see in it, and in what format? I've been approached by a publisher and I'm wondering whether to go ahead with this project, and how best to suit the potential audience in terms of playing / theory level... Bear in mind that there might be licensing issues with exact transcriptions, but I could certainly include plenty of signature licks etc in the book. Anyway, I'd love to hear all of your suggestions, Many thanks, Tom
  4. Do you want to play Herbie's Rhodes solo from 'Chameleon'?

    Hi Mike, thanks for the welcome. I've taken the drums up for fun, but it's really struck me how everything ties in rhythmically - ghost notes on the snare, syncopated LH comping for instance - yeah, Herbie has an incredible sense of rhythm. Having transcribed a lot of his music from the 70's, I can see what a genius he is when it comes to using rhythm and time signatures - not many people would guess from listening that Chameleon has 7/8 bars in the bridge, or that Sly has an 11/8 bar, or that Heartbeat has bars in 5/4, 7/8, 9/8 ...It's all about feel - I hate obscure time signatures when they're used in an ostentatious way for effect, but the changes in Herbie's compositions are so natural in feel that you can't fail to be blown away.
  5. Hi all, I'm new to this forum - I've browsed in the past but thought it was time to join! Anyway, I can see that there are a lot of instrumentalists on here so I thought at least some of you might be interested in the scores of some of the transcriptions I've done. I love Herbie Hancock's Rhodes playing so I'm in the process of transcribing a lot of his best - I've already done 'You Bet Your Love', 'Magic Number', 'Come Running To Me', 'Sly' etc... I'm gradually converting them to video scores so you get the transcription along with a youtube video of me playing it on my suitcase Rhodes. Here's one of the best known - if you want to play Chameleon, please take a look and let me know what you think CLICK HERE FOR YOUTUBE VIDEO CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO SCORE Thanks, Tom