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  1. Hi Jim and everyone else, I’ve googled my issue and zero comes up. I am trying to update my SK2 to Version 8.4. I would also like to use your tone wheel sets. I recently purchased it. I’m getting nowhere. Firstly, when I go into the menu-System page, it states: VERSION: MAIN- 1.200 SUB- 1.1012 DSP- 1.007 BOOT- (5 black rectangles) Preset- 1.009 Panel- 1.100 A.Piano1- 1.101 .. And all remaining settings are 1.100 I have followed the online instructions carefully with no success and have used a number of different usb types. I can format the USB drive on SK2 no problems. I am using a SanDisk Cruzer Switch 8GB. (I’ve also tried other drives which will successfully format on the SK2). I then download the System Update files and copy them to the SK> System Folder making sure to delete the 2 txt files and 3 pdfs.. So, the contents of SK>System Folder are: 15 Files in all. I then follow the instruction of inserting USB stick and turning on with the 3 buttons held down> I get a blank screen from SK2. I wait for a while but it doesn’t change. If I keep the USB stick inserted and try to turn the SK on without the 3 buttons (just a normal ‘turn on”) the Screen reads: Confirming USB, which lasts about 5 seconds then SK locks up- Screen freezes, the LEDs turn off, and no sound. Interestingly, with the freshly formatted USB disk (no update files added) the SK reads : Confirming USB, and proceeds to move to normal operation. I’ve gone through these steps at least 6/7 times with no success. I have been careful to follow the instructions carefully. Can anyone recommend anything? I’m very keen to update the SK and some new tone wheel settings but am being frustrated by this. Any help will be much appreciated. Regards Adam ( from Australia)