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  1. Here's a discography that includes the 50s. I assume it's accurate.

    lucky disco

    Thanks for posting this. It will be interesting to see if this project comes to pass and what's on it. I could see them issuing the Decca and Urania material plus "Tricotism" though the latter has been available on cd. The big question is all the French stuff. The "Jazz in Paris" series has issued a fair amount of Lucky's Paris sessions both as leader and with various other people, but I don't think that series has issued the sessions recorded for "Swing." But I think all this would be too big for a Select, wouldn't it?

    greg mo

    The Decca and ABC material are both owned by Verve, I believe, so some combination along those lines could be possible. Whatever the case, a Lucky Thompson Select would be great.

  2. To me, the current BN falls into the same traps that many contemporary labels fall into... the 70 minute recordings (about 30 min too long), too many tribute albums, neglecting working bands that travel and routinely play gigs in favor of signing kids just out of college or big name stars.... I guess those are the things that sell, but they make for mostly boring music.

  3. The Brookmeyer I've been waffling over getting, in part because I already have a fair bit of it but also because I recall not liking the date with the Big Miller vocals -- not for Miller's presence alone; the feel of that date just seemed rhythmically loggy. There's also something a bit loggy (at times) and also "twee" about the "Traditionalism Revisited" date IMO. On the other hand, I've always wanted to hear the "Street Swingers" material, and that may push me over the edge.

    Just my opinion, but this set bored me, so if you already have a "fair bit of it," that's probably all you need.

    Well, let me just say that this set is one of my favorite Selects. It grew on me, and I now consider it a great body of work. There is much here that doesn't come out and slap you in the face, but woos you over time. Very interesting new takes on older material, very mellow and swinging playing.

    The Brookmeyer is a favorite of mine too. The guitar (Jim Hall and Jimmy Raney) mixes really nicely with the valve trombone--like Lon said, a mellow sound (but still swinging)

  4. I happened to be listening to NPR about a month ago when they interviewed Mahanthappa. During its course, they played several cuts from Kinsmen which, to say the least, were intriguing. As it turns out, this and several of his other recordings are available on iTunes. I downloaded Kinsmen and it has not disappointed. Certainly a new voice in jazz and one worth hearing.

    Up over and out.

    For those interested, here's the npr link

    npr Rudresh

  5. Hi:

    For what its worth Steve Hoffman thinks the plain regular issues are the way to go, because these are flat transferes of the tapes. Most if not all the masters were distroyed in a vault fire and so any remaster is using a stereo dup of some kind. You can search the Hoffman site to get the whole story.

    I have some of the mini LP 24 bit Japan reissues. I think they sound very good, somewhat fuller sounding?

    I think MFT sounds good, but prefer the original remaster. The piano sounds crisper not as soft as the mini LP. I think the mini LP OLE edges out the original, though it is quite good. The mini LPs are certainly more attractive.


    I thought that the masters destroyed in the Atlantic fire were mostly limited to alternate takes and unissued material? So the bulk of the Coltrane material should be from original masters?

    I bought Ole from the European Atlantic Masters series and it sounds very good to me.


    The Atlantics may have their flaws but in some ways I prefer them to many of the Coltrane Impulse recordings, which rarely sound to me as if they're coming from original masters (compare the Trane reissues to the sound of the BNs also recorded by RVG in the 60s)..the Tranes sound muddy by comparison

  6. "Concierto De Aranjuez" by Jim Hall from the album "Concierto". Chet Baker's playing here I can only describe as haunting. Paul Desmond whom I've never been a huge fan of, is absolutely perfect here. Played this ALOT this past week.

    :tup A favorite of mine too. I like it better than Miles' version.

  7. I've been really enjoying Dewey Redman's 'The Struggle Continues" the last few months. I'm looking for more dates like that (not necessarily from Redman), but finding it hard to know where to look. I know the inside/out characterization can be kind of hard to pin down, but I'm basically looking for stuff (post-1970--the BN material is obvious) that is similar to recordings I really love (the Redman date, Billy Harper/ Soul of an Angel, Arthur Blythe/Lenox Ave. Breakdown, David Murray Octet/For Trane, Roy Campbell/Akhenaten Suite, Billy Bang/Vietmanm: The Aftermath). Thanks for suggestions

  8. It's interesting to wonder what jazz (if any) recorded in the last 5-10 years will be canonized 50 years down the road. It seems like 50 years ago musicians such as Rollins, Miles, Bird, Ellington etc. were already regarded as 'giants' by their contemporaries and their place in an emerging canon was clear enough. (i may be wrong, and I'll defer to those among us who were around in those times). The situation seems a lot different today, for better or worse.

  9. Among many favorites is the 20 minute live version of Red Clay at the end of the reissue of the album. Full of energy and humor, I remember listening to that over and over once on a tiring drive through the Midwest, I needed the charge that comes from live Freddie.

  10. All CDs used/like new. Prices include shipping (first class, domestic only). Paypal preferred. PM if interested. Thanks.

    SOLDEric Alexander Alexander the Great (High Note) 5SOLD

    SOLDDavid Binney Bastion of Sanity (Criss Cross) 8 SOLD

    SOLDEddie Condon Dr Jazz Series v.1 (Storyville) (small sticker residue on case) 7SOLD

    Tal Farlow This is Tal Farlow (Japanese import 24 bit uccu 9314) 10

    SOLDBenny Golson Gone with Golson (OJC limited) SOLD

    SOLDBilly Hart Quartet (High Note) 6 SOLD

    SOLD Dave Holland Critical Mass (Sunny Side) 7

    SOLD Oliver Lake Big Band Cloth (Passin’ Thru)..small notch in case 5

    SOLD George Russell Ezz thetics (OJC 1992 remaster, not keepnews) 4 SOLD

  11. Kinda sad to see bmg go away. I can remember when you couldn't open a magazine without seeing those ads '12 for the price of 1' and the detachable cards that you could send in to get those cds. I remember growing up and my sister getting 8 tracks in the mail each month from Columbia House (ABBA, Supertramp etc), she never remembered to turn in the the card to prevent CH from sending the selection of the month.

    p.s. If you've accumulated music points you only have until 1/31 to redeem them.

  12. I've begun appreciating KD more and more recently, funny how time has a way of altering our perceptions and opening new ways to hear. Trumpet Tocata is a beautiful record.

  13. I put all the Brooks on my X-mas list. Here's hoping. I put Jacknife on there too for early Jack DeJohnette.

    I like Jacknife a lot, the opener is a classic to me--the CD has more going for it than early DeJohnette! You may be in for a pleasant surprise :D