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  1. On ‎12‎/‎26‎/‎2017 at 4:14 AM, Rick D said:

    JohnJ I was also in that club in Tokyo in 1985. I think the cover was ¥3000, but worth every penny. Such an intimate setting, I could have reached out and touched her. No one believes me to this day. Do I know you? I don’t remember that many Gaijins being in the club and I think it was a happy accident being there at all.

    Rick, your post prompted me to do a little research and it appears the date of the Sade concert was actually Friday September 14th 1984 at the long gone Inkstick in Roppongi. As you say we could almost reach out and touch her. Anyway, it was a long time ago and while the concert was certainly memorable I don't remember anything about the composition of the audience!

  2. I seriously doubt that the rent was the major problem. Jazz and Classical don't sell well to begin with, and folks are moving away from physical products in droves these days. Those two factors would kill any shop, even if the rent were dirt cheap.

    The simple fact is that record/CD shops are a thing of the past because records/CDs are no longer the desired and profitable medium they once were.

    Definitely not true in Tokyo. Disk Union continues to not only survive but open in new locations. Their stores are always crowded whenever I visit.

  3. I've watched all the episodes up to the finale, will probably watch that tonight with my fiancee after our Thursday night dinner together.

    Way over the top but that's part of its charm. I'm a big fan of Ms Henson and she gets to go off like a bomb in this series. My biggest complaint is the Lyon as murderer bit, it's unnecessary, he's already a horrible monster. Surprisingly, I really enjoy the music (was just as surprised at how much I enjoy the music on ABC's Nashville).

    Just about to watch last nights The Americans.

    Yeah, Empire is one wildly entertaining show, a sort of King Lear for the Hip Hop generation!

    Also watching one of my favourite shows of recent years on DVD, The Good Wife season 4.

  4. PM sent to describe my thoughts and observations and the Harriott 'Movement'.

    Fantastic selection of original Blue Note and Prestige pressings of all vintages and some vey good deals available on King and Toshiba reissues, not surprisingly. Also a sprinkling of Mosaics (JohnJ got the best deal on the Pacific Jazz Trios Select).

    Indeed I did!

    Less that $15 for the Pacific Jazz Piano Trios Select is definitely a good deal!

    Really glad that you enjoyed the various Disk Union's as much as you did and had such a positive experience with their service.