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  1. On 10/5/2017 at 9:04 AM, Kevin Bresnahan said:

    The Live At The SpeakEZ tracks are the bonus tracks to the B3tles CD? I didn't get that E-mail...

    Yes, if you paid for the bonus material option you should of got a email notice form pledgemusic with download links early this month. I would check your spam folder perhaps or contact Jim.





  2. I will be looking forward in anticipation to next month Jim to the new album & Bonus material. I adore Booker T's McLemore Avenue on Stax so it'll be great to have another CD full of Beatles material done with B3. 

    Thank you also for the new Christmas tunes they came a little after the holiday for me but I enjoyed adding them to the others you've done in the past.

    All the best, James