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  1. XK3 Settings

    I know your busy, if you still have the settings file from your comparison video I would appreciate it much if you could email it to me.
  2. The keyboard - Hammond XK-3 What would you choose for a Leslie speaker system? Leslie 2121 & 2101 or the Leslie 3300? Why?
  3. Advice on equipment setup or usage

    Thanks for the info but no, unfortunately the UF-8 has just 1 midi out. The owner's manual has a version of the english language that makes it rather difficult to decipher so making adjustments is rather experimental. You have given me some ideas on using the two together and the volume thing might have to be the fix for now. I don't have the lower manual of the XK system yet, but after playing an M-3 and being used to the upper and lower keyboards, playing with just one make me feel "naked" or cramped. Not to mention the limitations of the one keyboard. I'll try your suggestions and see what I come up with and I'll let you know what happens just for archival sake. Thanks again for the music and the ideas!
  4. Greetings all! I thoroughly enjoy the music, I first played the vid on u-tube, then I found the rest of them. I've enjoyed jazz all my life but you guys are fantastic! OldGuy says it all, I'm getting back into gigging after a 30 year hiatus, but here's the thing. I have a Hammond XK-3, a CME-UF8, and an MU-128 sound module, haven't replaced the Leslie yet, still playing through keyboard amps. If possible/practical I would like to use the UF-8 for a lower keyboard when playing organ, but sometimes as a piano, or strings or brass in conjunction with the MU-128 sound module. My dilema is understanding how to set this up using a common sense approach. Do I use the XK-3 for the controller and just use the UF-8 as a lower keyboard? or is there a way to set it up so I can call up those programs when I need them? There are times when I need the brass or strings or piano section and the Hammond as an organ at the same time. Can this be accomplished? I would sure appreciate some advice on the best way to do this. Thanks