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  1. Hi,

    Is anyone else still waiting for their set? I preordered ordered back in July and am still waiting. Thanks.

    Edit: In case it was unclear, I was asking about the Eternal Myth set. Thanks.

  2. There was some great music last night, but goddamn it was hot in there (especially up in the balcony; easily 110 degrees up there). I'm a little on the fence for tonight. One the one hand, it is always fun to see Kid Jordan play, and the Shipp/Parker set should be incredible. On the other hand, that is a long walk home through a forecasted thunderstorm.

    Definitely going tomorrow night for David S. Ware.

    Does anyone know why there is such a long break in the schedule between Kid Jordan and Shipp/Parker tonight?

  3. I have been dealing with eustachian tube dysfunction for about 4 years, and it isn't fun. (Frequently feel like my head is going to implode, occasional bouts with very loud tinnitus, etc.). Nothing works all the time for anyone, but here are a couple things that work sometimes for some people:

    1) Exhaling moderately forcefully through your nasal passages while pinching your nose hard. This can cause a little pain in the eardrums, but often solves the problem (at least temporarily).

    2) Med pack, which is a graduated dose of prednisone as Jim R suggested. Needless to say, this is prescription only. It can hurt your stomach a little, but is the most effective pharmaceutical I've found for this problem.

    3) Nasonex, which is a rather powerful prescription-only antihistamine that you spray up your nose. If you are lucky, a few droplets will find their way into the eustachian tube, and provide at least temporary relief.

    It sounds like you are basically dealing with a temporary case of ETD, so it is worth discussing these options with your doctor (option 1 can be safely attempted without calling a doctor first).

  4. Well, those sound like good (and expensive) possibilities. I only have one unit in use that uses 12AU7 tubes, and one of my recent "tube rolling" adventures I bought a grab bag off ebay that has a few tubes each from GE, RCA and a few I can't identify. The RCA and the GE sound quite good. I've had Mullards too, from my 1959 EICO integrated stereo amp. If you don't need matched pairs, or even matched brands, there's almost always some bargains on ebay.

    Can your amp also use EL34s? I'm pretty sold on the "Winged C" Svetlana tubes from Russia. And there's a modification for grid connection that seems to make a very significant difference (I've an amp I've known before and after this modification, and it was quite a change.)

    The thing I've discovered over time is that I believe that tubes sound differently in different circuits and applications, and it's worth the time and effort to experiment and judge for yourself.

    Thanks! I can use EL34s, though the manual says I'll lose a little power. (Given that my amp is loud enough for the neighbors to complain with the dial at 10 o'clock, I'm not too worried about that, though.)

    What do you think of the Winged C KT88s? http://www.upscaleaudio.com/tubes/kt88/sed-kt88.html

    My pre amp doesn't use the same tubes, but usually tubes have a "factory sound", expecially NOS.

    Here you can find a good description of it, the seller is a nice and competent guy, I bought some tubes from him.


    One advise: you have to double check very very good bargains on ebay on the Nos like Telefunken CCA made in W. Germany, there are tons of fake chinese and russian tube with "telefunken" on the bottle.

    About the price: NOS might be very expensive if you go for the most sought after Telefunken, Mullard, Amperex, but there are hundred of cheaper alternatives. I reccomend you to try them, TUBE ROLLING IS FUN.

    Thanks, Porcy. I'm bidding on a pair of Telefunkens on ebay right now, but they seller has 100% positive feedback from nearly 1000 reviews (including lots of tubes), and they come with the original boxes, so hopefully they are legit.

    I'm of the impression that NOS isn't as important for preamp tubes, because they draw so little power to start with so they have much longer lives. Do you agree with that?

    I definitely plan on trying lots of different types, but I want to pace myself. I am, after all, standing at the top of a long, steep, slippery slope!

  5. I'd like to try some new tubes in my integrated stereo amp. I've picked up a few ideas from some of the dedicated audio forums, but thought I'd solicit opinions here as well.

    My amp takes 4 KT88s for the power section and 2 12AX7s and 2 12AU7s for the pre section.

    For the KT88s, I just tried the Gold Lion reissues from Russia, but am not happy with the bass definition (compared to the Prima Luna tubes I had in before). I really have no idea what to try next.

    For the 12AX7s, I'm thinking about used Telefunkens or NOS Tungsrams.

    For the 12AU7s, I'm thinking about used Telefunkens or NOS Mullards or Radiotechnique.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated - also vendor recommendations would be great.


  6. How much space do you guys give your tube gear on your racks? My Prologue has about 3 inches, and the shelf is pretty toasty. It would be extremely difficult for me to rearrange things, though...

  7. In the past I've given away electronics as I've upgraded. This time I'm being greedy. When the Rotel comes back from the repair shop (on Rotel's dime, as it is still under warranty), it is going in the closet as a backup. I'm seriously going out of my mind without a stereo. Music over the laptop isn't cutting it.

  8. One day maybe you'll hear some Decware stuff. Too bad we're so far apart.

    One day I'll avail myself of the 30 day return policy, try them it out, and sell the PrimaLuna if I like the Decware. For right now, I needed a sure bet. I'm studying for a big exam that happens in five weeks, so unfortunately I really don't have a lot of time to commit to searching and product trials at this point. And I my girlfriend and I were both totally blown away by the PrimaLuna today, so as long as wattage matching with the speakers in a non-issue, we at least have something that I know we will really enjoy and that completely blows away the Rotel we were using before.

  9. Thanks a lot- this is encouraging to hear. I was getting a little depressed there!

    I demoed the ProLogue 2 with DeVore Gibbon 8s. Never heard of them before, but they are a very nice speaker. You can see them here:


    They are only a little smaller than my 704s, but according to the shop's website, they are particularly well suited to low power amps.

  10. So I went with the ProLogue 2 because I loved the sound and it was available just a few blocks away. It will arrive in about a week.

    I have one concern now: the ProLogue is only 40W. I just realized my B&W 704s are rated for 50W to 150W. Is this going to be a problem?

  11. OK, just got back from In Living Stereo and was unexpectedly blown away by some tube gear. I would be perfectly happy with one of these two:



    Any idea how these compare with Decware?

    BTW, I did an A/B of these with a Rega solid state and it just wasn't even close. The PrimaLuna units were in a completely different league in terms of clarity, separation and liveliness.