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  1. I got it, I got it!

    "J Larsen

    Ken Burns Was Right!"

    Even if you don't agree, it's the perfect nails-on-blackboard signature to tick him off!!! :o


    Here are the others I thought of on the way home:

    "We came. We saw. We conquered." (Simple, to the point, arrogant - should be enough to piss him off)

    "I steal homeless kids' collection cups to buy OOP reissues" (Don't know if you saw it, but at one point he implied that we ought to be ashamed of ourselves for buying cds and that we should instead be giving money to charity - I could have sworn I already did give to charity...)

  2. That's far too kind Dan. I've put P-Rockhead on ignore. I plan to stay on the AAJ board (as well as this one) and take delight in the knowledge that my presence irritates him.

  3. I'm too weary to fight sobs like this.

    You don't have to. The AAJ board has an "ignore" feature. Click on PharoahRockHead's profile button - you will see a link marked "Ignore PharoahRockHead's Posts". Click this link and all of his posts will be invisible to you, and will remain so.

    OTOH, there's nothing wrong with just calling this place home.

  4. I'm writing my PhD in mathematical physics on new connections between classical and quantum systems, with some view towards applications to next-generation nanoelectronics. Basic things like Ohm's Law (I=V/R) break down at the size scales that we will be manufacturing circuit components on within the next ten years or so, so one needs to understand the quantum mechanics of classically chaotic systems in order to properly design such devices. As horrible as this all may sound to many people, I actually find it lots of fun! It's as if my job is to solve puzzles all day.

  5. Nielsen and Chuang - Quantum Computation and Information Theory - what computers of the future might look like and what they might be capable of.

    Datta - Electronic Transport in Mesoscopic Systems - How to model the response characteristics of nanoelectronic circuit components. Anyone want to talk nanotech??

    Supersymmetry in Disordered Systems - First there was math, then new math, now we're talking about "supermathematics".

    I wish I had time for novels, but with all the pressure from school I barely have time to read the boards.

  6. I'd like to either a) buy someone's grey-market releases of the famed Rollins/Cherry live material or b) trade someone for some cdrs of this material. The one caveat about doing a cdr trade is that I personally don't like trading copies of cd artwork (I don't like taking my rare cds/Mosaic booklets out of the house, on the subway, etc.) If you can help out, please let me know.

  7. Don't sweat it at all - in fact, if it takes any non-trivial amount of effort forget I ever mentioned it. If you can click a button and make it happen, cool. BTW, I really like this place and I hope we can bring people over here from AAJ. As you've probably noticed, some hostility/resentment is starting to bubble up over there.

  8. I apologize for the very obscure reference, but can any NYers reading this remind me of the name of the Bud Powell-esque pianist who plays regularly at Small's?? I *always* forget the guy's name. Anyway, he makes my list, in addition to Herbie Hancock and McCoy Tyner. I'm tempeted to add Chick Corea, but I'm not very familiar with his more recent work.

  9. Hey B3-er - Do you think it would be possible to add a link to "Today's Active Topics" at the bottom of every thread? I always browse through "Today's Active Topics" looking for interesting threads. If I post to a thread I can't get back to "Today's Active Topics" by just using the "back" button on my browser (unless I click it several times). This is a very minor issue, but I would find it handy to have the link at the bottom of each thread.

  10. Have you seen the Mad TV spoof of the Viagra commercial. The guy walks around knocking things off desks and knocking over glasses. It was pretty funny. Everytime I see the regular commercial, I can't help but think of the spoof. My wife wondered why I keep laughing at it.

    Yeah, that was funny - but it was stolen from the movie Road Trip (which, if you're ever in the mood for moronic, adolescent humor, is actually pretty good).