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  1. To me, this is the Best ''drums-intro' played in a Cuban-Latin Jazz Bop Style..: -36- KENNY CLARKE,,dr , TRIO Live in Antib├Ęs Jazz Festival., at Juan Les Pins ,,: Michel Sardaby,,p Alby Cullaz,,cb 1979,,t. 58'' 1^,2^-set .. - ,, ,, - -
  2. ' WE ' all know the drummers of Duke Ellington, starting with Sonny Greer, then from the 50's-years with Louie Bellson, Sam Woodyard , Jimmy Johnson , Dave Black.. Rufus*Speed*Jones..- In the year..:1966 Duke in his European jazz-festivals tours (*one in Milano ,Italy, and in Parigi ,France..) used to have 'two'-drummers in the Orchestra..:''Skeets'' March with Elvin Jones,.!!..- Well, ''WE'' all know Elvin Jones.,but surely no-one of us know, or have seen ''Skeets'' March,.?!?,. Is possible to have an ..HELP.. from someone that posts some photos??,.- -
  3. 4 drummers in 1 drums!

    Drums solo: 4 drummers (1 drummer + 3 clones ) playing 1 drums. Enjoy!