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  1. Award-winning documentarian Todd Gould (For Gold And Glory: Charlie Wiggins And The African-American Racing Car Circuit) stopped by my weekday afternoon jazz program yesterday to discuss his new film about Gennett Records. It debuts on our sister station WTIU Sunday, November 25 at 8 p.m. EST and will be distributed nationally next year: The Music Makers Of Gennett Records: Todd Gould Talks About His New Film ... more about the film on the WTIU website, and here's a trailer:
  2. We've been re-airing last year's NEA grant series Jazz Crossroads of America, a special four-part Night Lights look at the history of Indiana jazz. Here's the first episode, "Gennett Days: Hot Jazz From The Heartland," which includes interviews with Gennett historian Rick Kennedy and Indiana jazz historian Duncan Schiedt, as well as a slew of 1920s jazz: