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  1. Akua Dixon

    She's played everything, starting at NYC's "Fame" high school and the Manhattan School of Music with symphonic and chamber ensembles, to the merry-go-round of talent at the Apollo Theater to Max Roach's Double Quartet, and her own Quartette Indigo. Cellist/arranger/bandleader Akua Dixon Turre is in a tradition which includes Oscar Pettiford, Fred Katz, Ron Carter, Abdul Wadud and the young Tomeka Reid as players who want to use "the language of jazz on the cello." Here's a link to last night's Jazz From Blue Lake broadcast featuring her music,
  2. Tony Monaco presents a Jazz Organ Summit at Hope College September 9th and 10th as a precursor to the Jazz Organ Major at Hope College. for details. Friday night's Jazz From Blue Lake featuring Tony Monaco is available on demand this weekend, all 5 hours, from, including an interview the Columbus-based grease-meister. Does anyone know of another jazz organ major?
  3. Joe Zawinul

    It’s fitting, isn’t it, that Joe Zawinul, the pianist/keyboardist/bandleader born in Vienna, the epicenter of classical music, became a soul brother? Thank Cannonball Adderley. Zawinul’s 9 years with Adderley changed him. From the creative improvised spontaneity of early Weather Report to the groove based African and Middle Eastern influenced music of their later versions, Zawinul helped popularize jazz fusion, too. Say, “Birdland.” Or you can listen to it as part of Jazz From Blue Lake, here:
  4. Trumpeter Jon-Erik Kellso is heard in the soundtrack to HBO’s hit series “Boardwalk Empire” as a member of Vince Giordano’s Nighthawks. He moved to NYC from Michigan to play with that band in 1989 after years of playing with James Dapogny’s Chicago Jazz Band. In his young life, Kellso was a member of Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp’s International Youth Symphony. As Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp celebrated its 50th Anniversary (July 5, 1966), Jazz From Blue Lake brought you music by this esteemed former camper, available to listen to here:
  5. Pops on the 4th

    The fireworks in New York wrapped up on t.v. at 10. Here on the far side of the eastern time zone, they hadn't begun (wasn't dark enough). Blue Lake Public Radio provided a Louis Armstrong soundtrack to the festivities, remembering Pops on the birthday he celebrated throughout his life. Here's hoping you'll listen today via (Image by Jack Bradley).
  6. Stanley Clarke

    Stanley Clarke is still taking the bass to another place. Musically, he's put the bass on top. Checking out his recordings again last night and couldn't help smile at his sense of humor, usually expressed through virtuosity, or his sense of musical drama and, yes, speed. 5 hours of the finest in recorded jazz here, under Jazz From Blue
  7. Julian Priester

    The musically diverse, highly creative professional playing career of trombonist Julian Priester underscores the importance of early music education, in the case of Priester and so many others in Chicago, at the hands of Captain Walter Dyett at DuSable High School. From Chicago blues legends to Sun Ra's Arkestra, to Lionel Hampton, Dinah Washington, and the cauldron of change emblazoned across the mid-20th century's discography, Julian Priester was part of it all. Here's last night's broadcast so you can take his word for it:
  8. Donald Harrison

    Yesterday, New Orleans saxophonist Donald Harrison celebrated his 56th birthday, and so did Blue Lake Public Radio, including a piece from his forthcoming album "The Eclectic Jazz Movement," a nouveau swing/rap called "Dat's Jazz." You can hear the entire 5 hour broadcast through the end of today from Image by Kiel Scott.
  9. Helen Merrill

    Yes, her singing sounds like pillow talk, yet on closer listening she's improvising, with mood, time, emotion, and is closely involved in the arrangements. From her first "hit" session with Clifford Brown, to the exciting unpredictable music recorded with Dick Katz, last night's Jazz From Blue Lake featured the music of Helen Merrill. If you missed it, here's another chance to listen. Helen Merrill : (image by K. Abe).
  10. Eric Dolphy

    Some love for Eric Dolphy on Jazz From Blue Lake, (Image by Chuck Stewart).
  11. Lucky Thompson

    Jazz From Blue Lake's program highlighting the recorded legacy of Lucky Thompson is available here: . He played at the highest level. See:
  12. This week Jazz from Blue Lake is featuring 30-something year old musicians in the first part of each hour. Last evening, the Bulgarian-born San Francisco-based guitarist Hristo Vitchev was heard. The 3rd hour of the program celebrated recording anniversaries by Cecil Taylor and Ornette Coleman. The program is available through the end of today here: .
  13. Theo Croker

    Trumpeter Theo Croker's music was featured in the first part of each hour last night during Jazz From Blue Lake, available until the end of the day here: Monday we heard his grand father Doc Cheatham's music, and last night we took it into today's world, with original music blending improvisational interplay and strong grooves, or songs from the pop world given a unique improvisational treatment. Thirty something Theo Croker is currently on tour with his band DVRK FUNK. (Image by Marc Ressang).
  14. Doc Cheatham

    Played Doc from his "comeback" years, the 1970's and after last night on Jazz From Blue Lake. (blurb). Was reading yesterday that 97 percent of the radio audience listens on a radio receiver or on their car stereo. Here's to the 3 percent of you going mobile or streaming through a computer. Last night's broadcast of trumpeter/vocalist Doc Cheatham is available to hear today Tonight we're featuring his grandson, Theo Croker, after 10 p.m. eastern. (Image of Doc by Herman Leonard).
  15. Felsted Records

    Been looking for Billy Strayhorn's "Cue For Saxophone" pretty much forever. Was about to pull the trigger when a friend suggested buying the entire jazz output on Felsted. So now I know "The High and Mighty Hawk" and a brilliant Budd Johnson session with Charlie Shavers, Ray Bryant and Jo Jones. Had to share...(blurb)... British-born jazz writer/producer Stanley Dance was a close associate of Duke Ellington and Earl "Fatha" Hines who was given the green light to record a series of "mainstream" jazz recordings for the Felsted Record label in 1958 and 59. We featured them in the first part of each hour Friday night during Jazz From Blue Lake, available through the end of today
  16. Benny Goodman

    In case you missed Blue Lake Public Radio's 5 hour broadcast of jazz on Friday night, with the spotlight on clarinetist/bandleader Benny Goodman, the program is available to listen to right now In a rare instance, we featured many of Goodman's hits, which are mostly vocals. Hadn't done a program like that before as, of course, we leaned on the instrumentals.
  17. Bobby Watson

    Drummer Matt Kane's new album "Acknowledgement" includes several Bobby Watson compositions. On top of that, seeing Watson live from the East Room of the White House on International Jazz Day made me realize it was time to feature his music in the first part of each hour during Jazz From Blue Lake. Here's a link to our 5 hour broadcast: (Photo By Lafiya Watson.)
  18. Featured during the first part of each hour last night on Jazz From Blue Lake. The files are up today only at
  19. Miles Davis

    Jazz From Blue Lake's tribute to Miles Davis is available on demand today. The third hour, "Out on Blue Lake," is dedicated to Marco Eneidi, including a special hour long live broadcast from 2001 by the late saxophonist. Hope you'll celebrate Miles' 90th with us: . Image by Baron Wolman.
  20. Cecil McBee

    Bass on my mind as yesterday was the birthday of Cecil McBee, a native of Tulsa ( Here's a link to 5 hours of the finest in recording jazz, featuring Cecil McBee's music in the first part of each hour,
  21. Dewey Redman

    Was fun to pull out the Ornette Coleman albums on Blue Note and Impulse to kick it off Jazz From Blue Lake last night. The program is available today via . (Photo by Marc Marnie). Redman said, "MUSIC-- that most elegant of travelers, living in living, spanning a million reincarnations/Pacifying agnostic and pious alike/MUSIC -- mastermaker of the body --intimate with the soul -- laying shame all explanations/MUSIC -- true god of the universe."
  22. Jackie McLean

    Last night Jazz From Blue Lake featured the music of Jackie McLean at the top of each hour. The program is heard here . And here's a reflection on the saxophonist/educator written 10 years ago by the Detroit Free Press's Mark Stryker: "When [McLean] died in the spring of 2006, I opened my obituary/tribute with this: 'There was nothing in jazz like the sugar-free sound of alto saxophonist Jackie McLean, who died last week at his home in Hartford, Conn., at age 74. McLean produced a searing, anguished wail that rode the sharp side of the pitch like a cowboy trying to tame a wild steer. Even those of us who worship him recognize that his acidic tone and slippery tuning are not to everyone’s taste. But for true believers, McLean’s bittersweet sound remains one of the most soulful cries in American music, and the hot-blooded intensity of his style manifests the same urgent quest for self-expression that made us fall in love with jazz in the first place.'"
  23. The recordings of the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra taking the stage at the Village Vanguard opening night 50 years ago capture a band in a crowd at one with time. Yesterday marked the 87th anniversary of Mel Lewis's birth, so we dove in to this new deluxe double cd package of those historic New York nights during the first part of each hour of Jazz From Blue Lake, which you can hear, here:
  24. Jack Walrath

    Trumpeter Jack Walrath brings over 40 years of professional musical life to his improvisations, giving his music a daring energy that's rooted in creativity and seasoned with a strange sense of humor. You can hear his unique contribution to the history of recorded music at the opening of each hour of Jazz From Blue Lake from last night, found on demand today from this page:
  25. Ed Cherry on demand

    Guitarist Ed Cherry is known in jazz circles for his time with jazz giant Dizzy Gillespie. Today, he's enjoying the organ/guitar/drums combination with two recent releases on Posi-tone records. Friday night's Jazz From Blue Lake, featuring music by Ed Cherry, Jack DeJohnette and The Beer City Saxophone Ensemble is still available today on demand fromhttp://