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  1. Jean De Fleur

    Good morning to all, Do you guys love Grant Green as I do? Not just him, but all of the players on his records from the 1960's.....absolutely great! This is not a straight up approach to a cover because I certainly made it my own and I left out guitar completely. I just did not think my guitar added anything to the music at this point, but maybe in a later version (I may be doing some alternate versions of this). So Jean De Fleur, yeah super famous jazz composition. I have always loved it. I decided to take it on and see what I could do with it. This music includes drums, bass, piano, electric piano, and trumpet. I dig it. I really want your feedback on this music. What do you think? Leave your comments below. Thanks and have a great day.
  2. Around and Around

    Hello and good evening. I have been working on this new track for a few days and I have finished it finally and am putting it out here for your feedback. I am personally delighted with it, and I hope you are too! But if not, hey that's okay also! So have a listen and let me know what you think of my jazz! I am the entire quartet. Cheers
  3. Hi, my name is Brian and I am brand new here. I wanted to introduce myself to all of you. I love jazz, always have and I am producing an album (for myself), it is called "The Jazz Abstract Project". As an introduction to this album, I am posting the first instrumental here for you to hear and for you to provide your feedback. My jazz music is not traditional, it is much more free-form, but I find that interesting. It is exciting to me to see where the music takes me, because I never really know from the start. It has to begin somewhere, and then build on it. I personally am playing all the instruments (bass, piano, drums) with the exception of the horns. I got those from somebody online. I am looking forward to producing the entire album. If just for myself that is cool, but if I get others to dig it too then even better. I think you will find it interesting. Thank you and I look forward to sharing with you here.