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  1. Nu Jazz Anthology

    Hi folks, Do you like Nu jazz? I created my very personal Nu Jazz Anthology by gathering tunes from these genres : Nu Jazz | Jazz House | Electronic Jazz | Electro-jazz | E-jazz | Smooth Jazz | Jazz Lounge Do you have something to suggest to complete this collection?
  2. i'm pretty new to jazz, so perhaps you guys can help me out.. if this is the wrong place for this thread, i'm not going to be offended if it gets deleted. basically i'm looking for stuff that sounds as close as possible to this surprising gem: of all bands, powerman 5000 wrote it, and well. "watch the sky for me" it's pretty much perfect and exactly what i'm looking for in a retro sort of laid back spacey jazz-lounge type of song. they had to have copped that sound from somewhere. thanks for any sort of help, i don't really know where else to go.