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  1. I'm guessing that I already have a fair amount of this material, but I'll definitely be picking it up: Resonance releasing 7-CD box set of pre-Capitol Nat King Cole this November
  2. Posting this week’s Night Lights show a bit early in honor of the Nat King Cole centennial—the music and story of Cole’s groundbreaking 1956-57 TV variety program: “The Jackie Robinson of Television”: The Nat King Cole Show It also airs at 10 this evening on Michigan’s Blue Lake Public Radio.
  3. Kicking off the countdown to the Nat King Cole centennial with a new Night Lights program: Nat King Cole, Jazz Pianist Lots of trio sides, encounters with Lester Young, Charlie Parker, Les Paul, and Coleman Hawkins, plus selections from The Piano Style Of Nat King Cole, Penthouse Serenade, and After Midnight. Coming up later this week: “‘The Jackie Robinson of Television’: The Nat King Cole Show.”
  4. Hi Folks, Can anyone furnish me with the recording session info for all tracks in the 2 Bear Family Box Sets? Perhaps somebody on the forums has a copy of the booklets, if so- I'd be very grateful.
  5. Does anybody have more accurate recording dates for these recordings? THE KING COLE TRIO Nat Cole (p, vo), Oscar Moore (g, vo), Wesley Prince (sb, vo). Standard Transcription, Los Angeles, c. October, 1938. 1-01. Mutiny In The Nursery 1-02. F. D. R. Jones 1-03. The Sheik Oh Araby 1-04. The Blue Danube 1-05. Button Button 1-06. Jingle Bells 1-07. Swannee River 1-08. With Plenty Of Money And You Standard Transcription, Los Angeles, October, 1938. 1-09. Don't Blame Me 1-10. Lullaby In Rhythm 1-11. Dark Rapture 1-12. By The River St. Marie Standard Transcription, Los Angeles, November, 1938. 1-13. The Wiggly Walk 1-14. Fela Hop 1-15. Chopsticks 1-16. Patty Cake, Patty Cake (Baker Man) 1-17. Blue Skies 1-18. Liza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away) 1-19. Three Blind Mice 1-20. Caravan KING COLE SWINGSTERS Nat Cole (p, vo), Oscar Moore (g, vo), Wesley Prince (sb, vo), Bonnie Lake, Juanelda Carter (vo). Davis & Schwegler Transcription, Radio Recorder's Studios, Los Angeles, November, 1938. 1-21. There's No Anesthetic For Love 1-22. Dixie Jamboree 1-23. Ta-De-Ah 1-24. Reffin' At The Bar-B-Q 1-25. Harlem Swing - vBL 1-26. I Lost Control Of Myself - vBL 2-01. The Land Of Make Believe - vBL 2-02. That "Please Be Mineable" Feling 2-03. Dancing In The Street - vJC 2-04. You're So Different - vJC 2-05. I Wouldn't Have Known It - vJC 2-06. Let's Get Happy THE KING COLE TRIO Nat Cole (p, vo), Oscar Moore (g, vo), Wesley Prince (sb, vo). Standard Transcription, Los Angeles, February, 1939. 2-07. Undecided 2-08. 'Tain't What You Do (It's The Way That Cha Do It) 2-09. Do You Want To Jump, Children ? 2-10. Riffin' In F Minor 2-11. Ol'Man Mose Ain't Dead 2-12. Blue Lou 2-13. Honey 2-14. Russin Lullaby Standard Transcription, Los Angeles, April, 1939. 2-15. Georgie Porgie 2-16. The Limp 2-17. Snug As A Bug In A Rug 2-18. Liebestraum 2-19. Fidgety Joe 2-20. Two Against One 2-21. Some Like It Hot 2-22. I Like To Riff Standard Transcription, Los Angeles, April, 1939. 2-23. Crazy Rhythm 2-24. Moongrow 2-25. Don't Let That Moon Get Away 2-26. My Blue Heaven 3-01. I Was Doing All Right 3-02. I Can't Get Started 3-03. Old Man Moon 3-04. Carry Me Back To Old Virginny Standard Transcription, Los Angeles, May, 1939. 3-05. Moon Song (That Wasn't Meant For Me) 3-06. Baby, Won't You Please Come Home 3-07. Sweet Lorraine 3-08. Rosetta Standard Transcription, Los Angeles, May, 1939. 3-09. Thrompin' 3-10. You're My Life 3-11. Hoy Soy 3-12. Black Spider Stomp Standard Transcription, Los Angeles, June, 1939. 3-13. Take 'Em 3-14. Scategoria 3-15. Rhythm Serenade 3-16. Rib Town Shuffle The Dreamers: Undefined black male quartet or quintet. Standard Transcription, Los Angeles, August, 1939. 3-17. Music'll Chase Your Blues Away - vTD 3-18. I'll Gather Up My Memories 3-19. A Fool's Affair 3-20. Jump, Jack, Jump 3-21. I Knew A Time 3-22. Mine You'll Alaways Be 3-23. Doin' The Bow Bow 3-24. Lilla Mae - vTD Standard Transcription, Los Angeles, May, 1940. 4-01. Slew Foot Joe 4-02. 1, 2, 3, 4 4-03. Crazy 'Bout Rhythm 4-04. Off The Beam 4-05. King Cole Blues 4-06. Jivin' With The Notes Standard Transcription, Los Angeles, November, 1940. 4-07. Early Morning Blues 4-08. Bedtime 4-09. Honey Hush 4-10. French Toast 4-11. Vine Street Jump 4-12. B Flat 4-13. You Send Me 4-14. Love Is My Alibi 4-15. Pogo Stick Bounce 4-16. Gone With The Draft Standard Transcription, Los Angeles, February, 1941. 4-17. Jumpin' With The Mop 4-18. Jam Jam 4-19. Lest's Try Again 4-20. Scotchin' With The Soda 4-21. Fudge Wudgge 4-22. Smokey Joe 4-23. Windy City Boogie Woogie 4-24. Gone With The Draft 4-25. This Side Up 4-26. Ode To A Wild Clam