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  1. This is every LP in our household that is sellable. There will be no more. Please IM or email me at if interested. Shipping is $5.00 for first two LP's, $.50 for each additional LP. The vinyl itself is all in great condition for the jazz LP's and the vast majority of the non-jazz LP's. And I will visually inspect to ensure whenever you request titles from me. At some point will be open to trading these for CD's, but prefer to sell them if I can. Thanks for looking, and feel free to reach out with any questions. Blue Note Original/Liberty/UA era Ervin, Booker – Back from the Gig (2LP) cutout $19 Henderson, Eddie – Sunburst cutout mark $18 Hutcherson ,Bobby – Spiral cutout still in plastic $15 Hutcherson ,Bobby – Now *On Hold* Hutcherson ,Bobby – Cirrus *On Hold* Hutcherson ,Bobby – Waiting *On Hold* Bobby Hutcherson – The View From the Inside slight ringwear $6 Jones ,Elvin – The Prime Element (2 LP) cutout $14 Elvin Jones – Coalition ringwear $10 McLean ,Jackie – Jacknife (2 LP) fraying on edges $16 McLean ,Jackie – Hipnosis (2 LP) cutout $19 Morgan ,Lee – Lee Morgan (2 LP) ringwear $30 Smith ,Jimmy – Greatest Hits (2 LP) slight ringwear $3 Tyner ,McCoy – Time for Tyner cutout $9 Tyner ,McCoy – Cosmos (2 LP) Tyner ,McCoy – Asante cutout slight fraying $14 Various (Quebec/Hamilton/Hardee/Morton) – Swing Hi, Swing Lo ringwear $2 80’s Manhattan Era Russell , George – So What cutout mark $3 Russell , George – The African Game *On Hold* Tyner/McLean – It’s About Time promo stamp $4 *On Hold* Williams ,Tony – Angel Street beautiful copy $13 *on hold* Williams ,Tony – Civilization white paint on small section of cover $8 Williams ,Tony – Foreign Intrigue still in plastic $7 One Night with Blue Note, Vol. 2 promo stamp still in plastic $5 Mid-80’s DMM (direct metal mastering) Remasters – these were all purchased new and played once Byrd ,Donald – Free Form beautiful copy with obi $22 Hubbard ,Freddie – Here To Stay beautiful copy $23 McLean ,Jackie – Jackie’s Bag beautiful copy $15 Silver ,Horace – Finger Poppin’ beautiful copy $17 Impulse Brecker ,Michael – Michael Brecker still in plastic $5 Brown ,Marion – Sweet Earth Flying slight wear on cover, some very light scratches on record $25 Brown ,Marion – Vista somw wear on cover, some very light scratches on record $30 Rivers Sam – Dedication Series Vol. XII The Trio Sessions (2 LP) cutout $11 Sanders ,Pharoah – Village of the Pharoahs substantial wear/marking on cover, very light scratching on record $12 Shepp ,Archie – Things Have Got To Change *On Hold* Shepp ,Archie – For Losers *On Hold* Shepp ,Archie – The Way Ahead *On Hold* White ,Michael – Spirit Dance White ,Michael -Father Music, Mother Dance Barbieri, Klemmer, Jarrett, Rivers, White - Impulse Artists on Tour Muse Bishop Jr. ,Walter – Cubicle $30 Bishop Jr. ,Walter – Soul Village promo $11 Cole ,Richie – Alive at the Village Vanguard still in plastic $4 *on hold* Cole ,Richie – Some Things Speak for Themselves Hardman ,Bill – Home Heath ,Jimmy – Jimmy (aka The Gap Sealer) Patterson ,Don – These are Soulful Days *On Hold* Patterson ,Don – Movin’ Up *On Hold* Schnitter ,Dave – Invitation Mainstream Land ,Harold – Damisi large roulette sticker $13 Land ,Harold – A New Shade of Blue $13 *on hold* Miles ,Barry – Scatbird slight ringwear slight fraying $9 Terry ,Buddy – Lean on Him *On Hold* Terry ,Buddy – Pure Dynamite $22 Terry ,Buddy – Awareness $15 large Roulette distribution sticker Yellin ,Pete – Dance of Allegra promo large price sticker $8 Land, Mitchell, Caliman, Terry – Jazz promo price written on jacket $4 *on hold* Arista/Freedom Bley ,Paul – Copenhagen and Harlem (2 LP) cutout $9 Brown ,Marion – Porto Novo slight ringwear $7 Burrell ,Dave – High Won, High Two (2 LP) some ringwear $5 Cowell ,Stanley – Blues for the VietCong cutout still in plastic $13 Rudd ,Roswell – Inside Job cutout still in plastic $6 Taylor ,Cecil – Nefertiti, the Beautiful One Has Come (2 LP) cutout $8 Tolliver, Charles – Paper Man (aka All-Stars) cutout still in plastic bottom edge unglued $8 Weston ,Randy – Blues to Africa cutout ringwear $6 Arista/Novus Abrams ,Muhal Richard – Live at Montreux 1978 promo cutout ringwear $4 Abrams ,Muhal Richard – Lifea Blinec promo cutout $6 Klemmer ,John – Nexus For Duo and Trio (2 LP) promo cutout $4 Milestone Bley ,Paul - & Scorpio slight fraying $5 *on hold* DeJohnette ,Jack – Have You Heard? Bottom right corner of cover banged up $10 DeSouza ,Raul – Colors slight fraying $8 Purim ,Flora – That’s What She Said slight fraying $3 Tyner ,McCoy – Passion Dance cutout $4 *On Hold* Tyner ,McCoy – The Greeting slight ringwear $4 *On Hold* Inner City Adderley ,Nat – Don’t Look Back cutout, still in plastic $7 Brand ,Dollar – The Children of Africa Carvin ,Michael – The Camel cutout still in plastic $13 Curson ,Ted – Jubilant Power cutout still in plastic $5 *On Hold* Galper ,Hal – Now Hear This slight ringwear $7 Getz ,Stan – Gold, Happy 50th (2 LP) slight ringwear $4 Hino ,Terumasa – May Dance cutout still in plastic $5 Jordan ,Clifford/Cedar Walton – The Pentagon McBee ,Cecil/Chico Freeman – Compassion $16 cutout, still in plastic *On Hold* McIntyre ,Ken – Introducing the Vibrations cutout still in plastic fraying on top $4 McIntyre ,Ken – Hindsight cutout, slight fraying on top $6 McLean ,Renee – Watch Out cutout still sealed $15 Peterson ,Hannibal – In Antibes cutout still in plastic $6 Stowell ,John – Golden Delicious cutout, splitting at bottom $2 Strozier ,Frank – Remember Me cutout slight fraying at top $7 Waldron ,Mal – Moods (2 LP) cutout slight fraying at top $8 Waldron ,Mal/Steve Lacy – One-Upmanship cutout some splitting at top $9 Zollar ,Attila – Attila Zollar cutout slight ringwear $4 *On Hold* Timeless Adams ,George – Paradise Space Shuttle slight fraying at top $7 Hayes ,Louis/Junior Cook/Woody Shaw – Ichi-Ban $9 ENJA Jones ,Elvin – Live at the Village Vanguard cutout $9 Mingus ,Charles – In Europe, Vol. 1 cutout still in plastic $13 Peterson, Hannibal Marvin – The Angels of Atlanta $9 Black Saint/Soul Note Jordan ,Clifford – Repetition $8 Murray ,David – Home $6 Murray ,David – Morning Song still in plastic $8 Murray ,David – Ming $9 Pope ,Odean – The Ponderer $8 A&M Horizon Fortune ,Sonny – Waves of Dreams slight wear and tear on cover $3 Jones/Lewis Big Band – Live in Munich cutout $4 Jones/Lewis Big Band – New Life $2 Lewis ,Mel – And Friends cutout fraying on cover $3 Owens ,Jimmy – Jimmy Owens $5 Galaxy Cowell ,Stanley – Equipoise cutout still in plastic $13 *on hold* Griffin ,Johnny – To The Ladies cutout still in plastic $4 Griffin ,Johnny – Bush Dance Griffin ,Johnny – NYC Underground Haynes ,Roy – Thank You, Thank You slight ringwear $4 *On Hold* Flying Dutchman/Mega Barbieri ,Gato – El Pampero $5 Barbieri ,Gato – Under Fire promo sticker pealed off cover $3 Barbieri ,Gato – Yesterdays $4 Coryell ,Larry – Fairyland $6 Nelson ,Oliver/Gato Barbieri – Swiss Suite cutout $5 Roulette Blakey ,Art – Gypsy Folk Tales slight ringwear $6 Handy ,John/Blakey ,Art – Messages (2 LP) Handy ,John – In The Vernacular (2 LP) Watson ,Robert (Bobby) – Estimated Time of Arrival Watson ,Robert (Bobby) – All Because of You Weston ,Randy – Bantu (2 LP) *On Hold* Steeplechase McLean ,Jackie/Gary Bartz – Ode to Super $11 McNeill ,John – Embarkation slight ringwear $5 Smith ,Louis – Prancin’ still sealed $8 *On Hold* Savoy Lateef ,Yusef – Morning (2 LP) Lateef ,Yusef – Angel Eyes (2 LP) Lateef ,Yusef – Gong (2 LP) Fantasy Pepper .Art – Art Lives Shepp ,Archie/Philly Joe Jones – Archie Shepp & Philly Joe Jones cutout $7 *on hold* Pablo Faddis ,Jon – Youngblood Gillespie ,Dizzy – Musician, Composer, Racounteur (2 LP) red vinyl cutout $5 Longo ,Mike – Talk With The Spirits large price sticker $9 Atlantic Cobham ,Billy – Crosswinds $3 Gillespie/Blakey/Monk – Giants of Jazz (2 LP) $8 Hubbard ,Freddie – The Art of Freddie Hubbard (2 LP) Lateef ,Yusef – Ten Years Hence (2 LP) Mann ,Herbie – Windows Opened $4 McCann ,Les – Layers promo sticker $4 Mingus ,Charles – Cumbia & Jazz Fusion $6 Mingus Dynasty – Live at Montreux promo stamp $3 Pullen ,Don – Tomorrow’s Promises cutout slight ringwear $4 Columbia Blythe ,Arthur – Da-da promo stamp $2 Blythe ,Arthur – In The Tradition $3 Blythe ,Arthur – Blythe Spirit still in plastic $2 *On Hold* Blythe ,Arthur – Elaborations still in plastic $3 Dreams – Dreams cutout slight ringwear and cover marking $3 D’Rivera ,Paquito – Manhattan Burn promo stamp $2 Farmer ,Art – Art Farmer cutout still in plastic $4 Farmer ,Art – The Time and the Place (2 LP) very slight top edge fraying $6 Harrison/Blanchard – Nascence $4 Hubbard ,Freddie – Hi Energy ringwear $3 Hubbard ,Freddie – Liquid Love cutout still in plastic $3 Hutcherson ,Bobby – Conception: The Gift of Love $4 *On Hold* Lewis ,Ramsey – Upendo Ni Pamoja slight ringwear $2 Marsalis ,Wynton – Standard Time, Vol. 3 $2 Shaw ,Woody – Stepping Stones $5 ECM Abercrombie ,John – M slight creasing and ringwear $7 Burton ,Gary – Easy as Pie cutout $4 *On Hold* Burton ,Gary – Times Square cutout $4 *On Hold* Corea ,Chick – Delphi 1 Polydor label cutout still in plastic $4 Cowell, Stanley – Illusion Suite some wear on cover $9 DeJohnette ,Jack – Directions: Untitled promo copy $5 DeJohnette ,Jack – Directions: New Rags cutout $9 Kuhn ,Steve – Trance cutout still in plastic top seam unglued $6 Kuhn ,Steve/Sheila Jordan – Playground promo copy $5 Kuhn ,Steve/Sheila Jordan – Last Year’s Waltz cutout $5 Lande ,Art – Desert Marauders promo copy $5 Liebman ,Dave – Lookout Farm Liebman ,Dave – Drum Ode $5 Peacock ,Gary – Voice From the Past: Paradigm cutout still in plastic $7 Priester ,Julian – Love, Love cutout some wear on cover $10 Priester ,Julian – Polarization *On Hold* Rava ,Enrico – Quartet cutout $6 Towner , Ralph – Old Friends, New Friends $5 *On Hold* Towner , Ralph/Glen Moore - Trios/Solos $6 Fantasy Pepper .Art – Art Lives still in plastic $5 CTI Sebesky ,Don – Giant Box (2 LP) $4 *On Hold* Trip Bley ,Paul – Mr. Joy still in plastic $8 *on hold* Morgan ,Lee – Live Sessions (2 LP) some ringwear $7 Prestige DeJohnette ,Jack – Cosmic Chicken some splitting along top $9 Charles Mingus – Great Concert of (3 LP) promo copy slight ringwork a little writing $9 Rollins ,Sonny – Taking Care of Business (2 LP) $6 Mercury Mangione ,Chuck – Alive minor blemish $2 Mangione ,Chuck – Friends and Love (2 LP) some splitting along top $2 Capricorn Henderson ,Eddie – Inside Out $15 slight ringwear Henderson ,Eddie – Realization a few light scratches $20 Fabri Editoria Rivers ,Sam – The Quest $4 Lotus Blakey ,Art – Art’s Break $4 West 54 Waldron ,Mal – Left Alone Live Criss Cross Garrett ,Kenny – Introducing $9 Affinity Moncur ,Grachan – New Africa $9 Decca Quartet Tres Bien – Stepping Out cutout, slight fraying on top $4 Limelight Blakey ,Art – ‘S Make It $16 Nippon pressing April Embryo – Live *On Hold* Capitol Adderley ,Cannonball – Live! Splitting on bottom, slight wear on cover $3 Honeydew Jones ,Elvin – Skyscrapers,Vol. 2 slight ringwear, some fraying on top $8 Embryo Zoller ,Attila – Gypsy Cry cutout slight ringwear $6 America Jazz & Blues Blakey ,Art – Live at Bubba’s $3 Gryphon Hayes ,Louis – Variety is the Spice of Life $7 Landmark Heath ,Jimmy – New Picture $3 Catalyst Waldron ,Mal/Gary Peacock – First Encounter Blakey ,Art – Jazz Messengers ‘70 Doctor Jazz Barbieri ,Gato – Apasianado beautiful copy $3 Warner Brothers Coltrane, Alice – Transfiguration (2 LP) beautiful copy $22 Vanguard Moody ,James – Sun Journey cutout water damage on cover $2 MGM Woods ,Phil – At Montreux cutout slight wear on cover $3 Antilles Brackeen ,Joanne – Special Identity bottom unglued $5 Palo Alto Tyner ,McCoy – Just Feelin’ cutout still in plastic $4 Contemporary Cables ,George – Cables Vision $4 Black Hawk Leaders – Mudfoot $3 Elektra Musician Freeman ,Chico – Tangents $3 Tyner ,McCoy – Dimensions cutout $4 Verve Gillespie ,Dizzy – An Electrifying Evening cutout 1981 Polydor KK pressing $4 MPS Peterson, Hannibal Marvin – Hannibal $25 *on hold* Russell ,George/Don Cherry – At Beethoven Hall (2 LP) slight ringwear $11 *On Hold* RCA Blakey ,Art – And the All-Star Jazz Messengers top panel unglued $9 Horo Richmond ,Dannie – Jazz a Confronto *On Hold* Red Watson ,Bobby – Appointment in Milano 1” tear on back cover $8 Sun Shepp ,Archie – Parisian Concert, Vol. 1 $10 Pausa Weston ,Randy – Randy Weston cutout still in plastic fraying on top $4 Theresa Williams ,Bishop Norman/Pepper Adams – One for Bird slight ringwear $6 Solid State Steig ,Jeremy – Legwork large price tag and cutout mark, a few light scratches $10 New World Ford ,Ricky – Loxodonta Africana withdrawn library copy $2 Taylor ,Cecil – Unit withdrawn library copy $5 Ala Gillespie ,Dizzy – Live at the Monterey Jazz Festival 1961 cutout still in plastic $4 Happy Bird Corea ,Chick – La Fiesta still in plastic $2 United Artists Davis ,Miles – Miles Davis (2 LP) ringwear $5 Applause Blakey ,Art – Witch Doctor still sealed $5 Donaldson ,Lou – Midnight Creeper $3 Hancock ,Herbie – Inventions and Dimensions $3 Rollins ,Sonny – Newk’s Time $3 Note that I have what appear to be almost complete LP runs of the Maynard Ferguson Columbia Catalog and the Chuck Mangione A&M catalog in basically mint condition. These were given to me by our next door neighbor who received them from an estate. Let me know if interested in any, but I don’t want to take the time to list them if there is no interest. Other – Not Strictly Jazz: (graded and priced on request) Akkerman ,Jan – Profile Ashton, Gardner, and Dyke – What A Bloody Long Day It’s Been Auger ,Brian/Trinity – Befour Auger ,Brian/Oblivion Express – Oblivion Express Auger ,Brian/Oblivion Express – A Better Land Auger ,Brian/Oblivion Express – Second Wind Auger ,Brian/Oblivion Express – Closer To It Auger ,Brian/Oblivion Express – Straight Ahead (2 copies) Auger ,Brian/Oblivion Express – Live Oblivion, Vol. 1 Auger ,Brian/Oblivion Express – Live Oblivion, Vol. 2 (2 LP) Auger ,Brian/Oblivion Express – Reinforcements Auger ,Brian/Oblivion Express – Happiness Heartaches Butterfield Blues Band – Keep on Moving Colosseum – Those Who Are About to Die Salute You *On Hold* Colosseum – The Grass is Greener *On Hold* Earth, Wind, and Fire – Gratitude (2 LP) Fairport Convention – A Moveable Feast Family – Anyway Family – Old Songs, New Songs Farina ,Mimi and Richard – Memories Focus – 3 (2 LP) Good God – Good God Hartley ,Keef Band – Halfbreed Hartley ,Keef Band -Battle of the Nortwest Six Hartley ,Keef Band – The Time is Near Hartley ,Keef Band -Little Big Band Hartley ,Keef Band – Overdog *On Hold* Holloway ,Brenda – Every Little Bit Hurts Jarreau ,Al – Breakin’ Away King Crimson – Red Martyn ,John – Inside Out *On Hold* Martyn ,John – Bless The Weather Mayall ,John – USA Union Mendes ,Sergio – Fool on the Hill Michaels ,Lee – Barrell New York Rock & Roll Ensemble - New York Rock & Roll Ensemble Nyro ,Laura – Season of Light Pacific Gas and Electric – Pacific Gas and Electric Pacific Gas and Electric - Are You Ready Pacific Gas & Electric – Starring Charlie Allen Rascals – See Redding ,Otis – Recorded Live Reid ,Terry – River Renaissance – At Carnegie Hall (2 LP) Riperton ,Minnie – Perfect Angel Santana ,Carlos/Alice Coltrane – Illuminations Santana ,Carlos – The Swing of Delight (2 LP) Sea Level – On The Edge Sea Level – Cats on the Coast Soft Machine – Six (2 LP) Soft Machine - 7 Soft Machine – Live and Well in Paris Soft Machine – Land of Cockayne Terry ,Dewey – Chief Thompson ,Richard and Linda – I Want to See The Bright Lights Tonight Traffic – As The Eagle Flies Acoustic Alchemy – Natural Elements Adams ,Brian – Into the Fire April Wine – Live Argent – Argent Argent – In Deep Argent – Nexus Argent – All Together Now Armageddon – Armageddon Bad Company – Bad Company Ballard ,Russ – Barnet Dogs Blues Image – Red, White and Blues Image Brooks ,Elkie – Two Days Away Byrds – Ballad of Easy Rider Cafferty ,John & Beaver Brown Band – Eddie and the Cruisers Chad and Jeremy – Before and After Chad and Jeremy – Distant Shores Chad and Jeremy – I Don’t Want You Baby Dalton & Dubarri - Dalton & Dubarri Detroit Emeralds – Feel The Need Fever Tree – Creation Frampton ,Peter – Frampton Comes Alive (2LP) Fresh Air – A Breath of Fresh Air Golden Avatar – A Change of Heart Golden Earring – Live (2 LP) Good News – Good News Guadalcanal Diary – Walking in the Shadow of the Big Man Hartley ,Keef – Seventy Second Brave Hartley ,Keef – Lancashire Hustler Herman’s Hermits – Hold On Holman ,Eddie and the Larks – Sweet Memories Humble Pie – Performance: Rockin’ the Fillmore (2 LP) (2 copies) Iron City House Rockers – Have a Good Time…But Get Out Alive Jethro Tull – A Passion Play John ,Elton – Empty Sky Jo Jo Gunne - Bite Down Hard Jo Jo Gunne - So…Where’s The Show Jo Jo Gunne - Jumpin’ The Gunne Kaplan ,Artie – Confessions of a Male Chauvinist Pig Keaggy ,Phil – Love Broke Thru Keaggy ,Phil – Oh What a Day Kinks – Low Budget Kinks – Think Visual Kinks – Soap Opera Kirwan ,Danny – Hello There Big Boy! Labelle – Phoenix Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Solar Fire McLean ,Don – American Pie Melanie – Photograph Moody Blues – Seventh Sojourn Moody Blues – A Question of Balance Moody Blues – On The Threshold of a Dream Moody Blues – To Our Children’s Children’s Children Moody Blues – In Search of the Lost Chord Moody Blues – Every Good Boy Deserves Favour Newhart , Bob – Best of Patterson ,Brenda – Keep On Keepin’ On Paris – Big Towne 2061 Petty ,Tom & the Heartbreakers – You’re Gonna Get It Pink Floyd – Relics Pulver ,Judi – Pulver Rising Redbone – Wovoka Rivers ,Johnny – Road Rundgren ,Todd – Back to the Bars (2 LP) Sanford Townsend Band – Smoke from a Distant Fire Shannon – Let The Music Play Spirit – Feedback Styvers ,Laurie – Spilt Milk Supertramp – Crisis? What Crisis? Travers ,Mary – Circles Wilson ,Jackie – The Soul Years Youngbloods – Good and Dusty 1969 Warner-Reprise Record Show (2 LP) Auldridge ,Mike – Blues and Blue Grass Denver ,John – Greatest Hits Dylan ,Bob – Saved Kershaw ,Rusty & Doug – Lousiana Man Peter, Paul & Mary – In The Wind Peter, Paul & Mary – Best of: Ten Years Together Springsteen ,Bruce – Greetings from Asbury Park Winston ,George – Autumn Original Cast Album: Please Somebody Make Me Laugh The Impossible Pirates (baseball)