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  1. Hi all, new member here from London UK! I've been learning organ for a while now - I have a Hammond SK2 and a Roland PK-7 pedal board, which has 20 short pedals. This year while at home in lockdown I decided I wanted to make a real stab at learning how to play with my feet. Because the Roland pedals are short I think I can only play with toes. I'm getting better at finding notes without looking and if I'm not too tired am quite accurate as long as it's only a couple of note per bar! Co-ordinating with hands is trickier, I find I can play pedal and LH fairly well but add the RH and things start to go wrong... So, I just wanted to ask folk here if they can recommend any resources that will help me improve my pedal technique? eg. websites, YT channels, exercises Thanks, Paul