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  1. "Spanning the years in which Ellington regularly toured Europe and Scandinavia, The Duke Box 2 offers a rich selection of performances illustrating a tirelessly inventive musical spirit on tour with changing personnel and occasional guest artists. CD3 features never before released live recordings from a 1963 concert in Gröna Lund, Stockholm—a veritable treasure for the committed Ellington fan. The box also includes the well-renowned Jaywalker (CD5) and Piano Player (CD4) albums whose music always deserve a re-visiting. Among other gems are late 1970s recordings from New York, some of the last music Ellington ever put out." At the price it's worth it for me for the 1963 Stockholm concert, Jaywalker and Piano Player alone; very curious to know what's on the other 4 discs. Release date is showing as 9 December on Amazon Japan. What a pleasant surprise just before Christmas!