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  1. BFT216

    Okay, with apologies for the slight delay, here is Blindfold Test #216 for March. Nine songs, quite all over the place, so first, a word about my process. Throughout the year as something really grabs me, I'll make a list for what to include in the BFT. Before compiling, I search to make sure the songs haven't already appeared in a BFT* (*this is an imperfect science as it HAS happened several times, but I DO try). With apologies in advance to Jim, I promise man, I'm not trying to send you over the edge with the length of these tunes -- it's just the way it worked out. However, since Jim laid a Rusty Staub on me, I'm going to ask that you think of these tracks as a Juan Marichal or Luis Tiant outing, not this "opener" crap. Test can be found for listening or download here: There is at least one "gimme" (probably 2), and at least one "is not possible" (probably 2).