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tethered moon concert review

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while enjoying the trio tethered moon tosca recording today, i found this review of a summer of 2003 concert. the motian -peacock duo performs magnificently in several piano trio settings, this being no exception.

the reviewer, thomas bartlett, captured beautifully the magic of this rarely hard gem of a trio.

"Peacock began alone, high on the bass, with a slowly developing circular figure. His tone, as usual, was completely alive and constantly in motion, an acoustic bass sound with very little wood in it. Soon he was joined by Motian, tapping a carefully inconsistent pattern on the cymbals, seeming intent on finding the spaces between Peacock’s notes. I expected Kikuchi to enter with the same kind of animated but constantly interrupted energy, but instead, after a few whispered chords, he began with “So in Love”, the Cole Porter standard, played extraordinarily slowly and with no swing or noticeable jazz inflection, almost like a hymn. Kikuchi coaxes an incredible sound out of the piano, largely for the simple reason that he cares so much: no other pianist working in jazz today listens so intensely. He leans down over the piano, his head practically inside it, and listens to each note he plays, sometimes letting it die down to almost nothing before hitting another. As Kikuchi played through the standard’s melody, Peacock and Motian seemed to ignore him, continuing on as they had before, but sometimes with tiny alterations that made all three instruments fall into place together, if only for a moment. "

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