Reply to Mosaic's Black and White label box set

By Niko,
pretty sure that's another Joe Kelly (younger, white, Chicago-based...even though that album with Johnny Board on tenor has been on my radar for a while). This Joe Kelly aka Joe "Red" Kelly played with Gerald Wilson's band in the mid 40s. The latest credit I can find quickly is this Peppy Prince album from 1958 (Horace Tapscott's earliest credit iirc). Peter Vacher's Central Avenue book has some memories of Kelly from John "Streamline" Ewing:  Red Kelly from Peru, Indiana, was another very good trumpet player in the [Gene Coy] band . He had a style but he never did record anything, but he was different from any trumpet player I ever heard. He could play lead and could also solo. [..] He finally would up in the Post Office. [...] I think he still gigs around town, sometimes with Spanish bands.[..]