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  1. We re-aired Kind Of Two: Miles Davis And Bill Evans this past week, and it remains archived for online listening.
  2. Only saw a few episodes as a kid, but I’m greatly enjoying all of the on-location early-1970s San Francisco shots and Karl Malden and Michael Douglas’ chemistry:
  3. 👍 👍 A number of West Coast jazz musicians playing on this one, as was so often the case for TV show and film scores in the 1960s and 70s:
  4. Impulsively Ellington, a nicely-done Ellington Impulse tribute compilation put together in 1999 for his centennial. Came across a cheap used copy at my local record store this afternoon and picked it up, partly for the handful of tracks I didn’t already have, and partly because I’ve grown to really enjoy well-curated anthologies like this one:
  5. I dig the one that Johnny Hodges turned in 1967!
  6. Here's a direct link to the article that Joe mentions: Jazz Review April 1959 (just click on the PDF link on the right-hand side) I'll add big thumbs up for both Amy Albany's memoir and its film adaptation.
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