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  1. Yeah, never got to this, though I suppose I still could—just pulled that Pacific piano-trio Mosaic Select off the shelf the other day, actually. And yes, the Chambers book did come out… I can’t even remember now what I’d heard about some possible indefinite delay.
  2. It seems to rate highly in the critical canon today, but did it get a cool reception when it came out? Interesting that Lennon and McCartney both put out such stripped-down records for their respective solo debuts. The Lennon one hits pretty deep with me whenever I listen to it.
  3. More above-par early-1960s Bud. My appreciation for this period has only deepened as I’ve gotten older:
  4. Heads up for fans of the little-known singer Midge Williams—she’s featured here on a brief “Heebie Jeebie Blues.”
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