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  1. It was really nice to meet Pim, and also a great concert - Wadada Leo Smith, Fennesz and Nate Wooley are a pretty unique frontline
  2. Yes, that's an exciting lineup, I'll be there too...
  3. Ah, sorry, I was in a rush yesterday ... Pretty sure it was 1956... But the article may welll have had a delay...
  4. Looking through the Coltrane reference, the gig I meant was probably in Quebec in mid-April so the Jazz Podium article may have been a little bit after that
  5. many years ago, I had your photocopies which I then handed over to King Ubu... that's why I know of the article... it definitely is from the second half of the fifties, some German abroad reviewing a Canadian gig of the Miles Davis quintet with Coltrane and Philly Joe Jones (and probably also Garland and Chambers - but Jones I definitely remember and that should help with the dating). Will have a look at the Coltrane reference to see for more precise times when I'm home...
  6. Smalls Records had some covers that fit at least to a certain extent
  7. One article you really might want to have is a Jazz Podium review (in German) of Miles in Toronto, maybe Big Beat Steve can help out... ?! I mostly remember the comments about that great Basie drummer Jo Jones being in really bad physical shape but the whole article is worth reading
  8. I guess a thread like this one here will also attract posts mostly from those who are most affected who all sit in the same age bracket... If I think back to almost 20 years ago when I joined, quite a few of the older posters have left us or have become more silent by now... And those were all too old to be called boomers... I just turned 43, how young can you be after almost 20 years... My main worry these days is storage space for a collection that's still growing...
  9. that Gregory Groover Jr album looks interesting with Matthew Stevens, Joel Ross and Marcus Gilmore... no idea about the release date either but it's on spotify
  10. I have one 33rpm 7'', Jimmy Knepper with Joe Maini and Bill Triglia on Danish Debut...
  11. I only watched bits and pieces of the movie, and one moment that I noticed was one of the two guys from the club saying that he thought Dolphy might be on drugs from the way he was moving, the glassy eyes... And I wouldn't just want to call that racist stereotype - after all, I suppose those nights when the American guest stars didn't deliver on stage due to intoxication just happened from time to time.... It's easy to imagine that those who brought him to the hospital said "and by the way, we suspect it could be a drug overdose" with only good intentions... We have all read books about how Dolphy would never even touch a glass of wine - but those books weren't around back in the day
  12. thanks, it's both Wright recounting what the doctors told him + the doctors saying that they had diagnosed a diabetes that apparently had not been noticed before... so that story + the fact that it's in the liner notes of a well-known album would explain how we all know about the diabetes even though Dolphy himself may never have known
  13. There have been some investigations of this over the years, I believe I read more details than in this article somewhere at some point but I forgot https://www.tagesspiegel.de/kultur/sie-erklarten-ihn-einfach-fur-tot-1167592.html In German but ir answers a few of the questions (the paragraph starting with "Ende Juni 1964", no time to translate right now). Sounds like it was definitely undiagnosed / unknown to the doctors - but someone must have diagnosed it at some point
  14. And most likely, they won't even be speaking proper German on that show... (as my better half would point out, if you have the ability it's much wiser to speak Bavarian rather than German when traveling in Austria) Hope I can stream it a bit later, 5 minutes past midnight is usually not my time these days... And yes, very cool!
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