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  1. This session is discussed quite a bit on the Buster Bennett page of the Red Saunders foundation, here. Reading there, it sounds like Crosby is only the nominal leader... And like you might want to email them with your question...
  2. I actually found a cheap original a few years ago, several generations of tape repair on the cover, but the lp plays nicely... Lined up for playing next after today's lunch break find, bought because it has Lee Collins on trumpet and was still much cheaper than the lunch...
  3. That anthropology video is available at the INA website (just like a few more w Thompson... Some videos there are behind a paywall but most are not) Link
  4. re complaining about the weather, today looks like a wonderful day to start... re Ben Webster managing to record in NL: true, upon a quick inspection (= I might have made mistakes) there are four Dutch Webster albums from the 60s, and "For the Guv'nor" is exactly the type of rare "top production" Byas didn't get (liner notes by de Ruyter, production by Joop Visser, a rhythm section with Schols/Engels, similar to e.g. the Ann Burton albums), but for instance "At his best" is a special production for the AH super markets - a small niche - and "At The Haarlemse Jazzclub" is a production for CAT - whom I forgot in my list of labels above, they started a bit earlier than Timeless and Criss Cross but not by much... Clare Fischer - Easy Livin'
  5. that probably played a role as well, but I also think that "real jazz" from the Netherlands is not terribly well-documented before the advent of Timeless and Criss Cross between 1975 and 1980... production of jazz records in the Netherlands was quite limited between, say 1960 and 1975 (jazz on tv is another story - and there Byas is indeed curiously absent...). as a native Dutchman, Pim has at least the right to complain about the weather while immigrants like Byas or me have to stay silent about all the grey because we could have moved anywhere else in the world, if we don't like it... Hal Singer - Blues in the Night one of the perks of living in Amsterdam are the record stores... got this one this afternoon after realizing that it's the Hal Singer album with Valdo Williams on piano... (no Hal SInger with Kenny Drew and NHOP either... and I don't believe Singer was an unpleasant individual)
  6. in a manner of speaking, yes... just like you and me, he was stuck in the Netherlands
  7. bought earlier today, no major finds here (and quite modest expenses) but I am happy
  8. a long-time favorite... played Tony Bennett's Cloud 7 yesterday which also features Wayne, Schildkraut and the elusive trumpeter Charles Panelly...
  9. I guess a lot of traditional easy listening was using 50 piece string orchestras and the like... while nowadays it seems crazy to hire 50 people or more if you're just after a quick buck... So, I'd expect that the new easy listening is some form of electronic music made by people sitting behind their laptops... and that changes the character of the music. I thought that new Pharoah Sanders Floating Points album had a 1950s sophisticated easy listening vibe to it, partly.
  10. thanks for scanning this! can't say I am a fan of that article though (remember complaining to my saxophone teacher about Jazz Podium as a kid in the late 90s, the pretentious writing style, the outdated design... he said he perfectly understood, but had to read it himself because you can't be part of the German jazz scene if you don't...)
  11. Niko

    Earl Anderza

    Merry christmas! And yes, your father is fondly remembered in a place like this one here, even though none of us "knew" him in any meaningful way...
  12. when I was a much younger jazz fan, say as an 18 year old in 1999, I was always uncomfortable at jazz concerts with everyone being so much older, even the occasional university student being a decade older and the majority being elderly gentleman with beards... I'd say it was like that at most jazz venues, not just avantgarde (in my case back then usually the Loft in Cologne), the major exception being festivals, especially Moers (which always drew thousands of younger people who were just hanging out, smoking and living in their tents without bothering too much about the music...). Now that I am myself a middle-aged gentleman with a slowly whitening beard, I feel like I fit in much better... but yes, those audiences tend to be old... The only real exceptions I see now is when it's artists the jazz students from the nearby convervatories want to see (like Ambrose Akinmusire or Julian Lage)...
  13. http://jazzwestcoastresearch.blogspot.com/2012/11/the-first-lighthouse-all-stars.html?m=1 Fwiw, she was married to Arvin Garrison, trombonist Dick Taylor and Giuffre...
  14. Niko

    Kenny Gill

    It's a good album... A few months ago, i added his birth and death dates to discogs, then there's a few more credits on discogs, sgcim occasionally mentioning him here, and that's about it...
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