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  1. guess you could read Mike Zwerin's autobigraphies as meditations over this observation... what do you with the rest of your life if your claim to fame is Birth of the Cool and you still have 60 years to live after it happened?
  2. Thanks for looking up the lineups! Some of those volumes are well over 2 hours btw, so in total all 8 volumes are about 15 hours of music...
  3. On the topic of this thread, I've met King Ubu several times, Olivier and, once for 10 seconds, Larry Kart...
  4. Amsterdam actually, since this summer, I've even sneaked in ten minutes at Concerto this afternoon, it's close to here, a fresh look at letters L-P, bought the Hapless Child by Michael Mantler... Happy to hear from anyone who's around...
  5. Quite a bit of info on the Cry of Jazz is found here: http://campber.people.clemson.edu/sunra.html No indications of anything being recorded in Europe, and trumpet might be Art Hoyle
  6. The altoist for Let's Go has been listed as possibly Kirtland Bradford, e.g. here https://attictoys.com/lucky-thompson-discography-1943-1950/ (but that's not where that info comes from). Bradford was lead altoist with Jimmie Lunceford around that time and much later a teacher of Arthur Blythe. Typical Bradford features w Lunceford were not heavy on improvisation, The Jimmies was discussed in another thread earlier, another one is Meditation from a Jubilee show One session where Bradford plays a few jazzier solos is with the Joe Thomas Sextet on Melodisc, (Frontline of Bradford, Thomas and Russell Green on trumpet plus the Lunceford rhythm section) I am no expert but my hunch would be that it could be him on Let's Go, trying to make sense of stuff he heard the last few nights in New York or so...
  7. I don't know... he was something like a rising jazz star 30 years ago, recorded with Sonny SImmons (also on American Jungle), had a leader album on Columbia (link), a quartet with Bunky Green, Ira Coleman and Tony Williams... a friend pointed him out to me a few months ago, that's how I remembered... Definitely a more successful career so far than Zarak Simmons who had a similar start in a similar place... but I don't think it's embarassing not to know the name... anyway, playing this album now, thanks for the heads-up... it's nice but I do miss Tina a bit...
  8. the pianist is also playing on that last Barbara Donald / Sonny Simmons album on Arhoolie from the early 90s...
  9. Niko

    Who is this?

    here is a picture of young Azar Lawrence (left) together with colleague Ray Straughter, from here (same picture is also in the Dark Tree book)
  10. Bill Perkins - Peaceful Moments that music room looks really cool - and after moving to Amsterdam a few weeks ago, it's even kind of in the neighborhood can't compete w that room but the possibilities for record shopping after work are a definite plus, listening to one of the results from earlier today... (also brought home some Belgian craft beer with me actually, but that's gone already, records stay... Noblesse by Dochter van de Korenaar in the Belgian part of Baarle)
  11. saw that 10in album in a store earlier today and almost bought it... might still go back to get it - but I already had so much...
  12. Welcome back, it's been a while!
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