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  1. Germans as well, and I am sure more European countries... there is no real christmas without watching at least two or three of those Lindgren movies... I only made the connection between Riedel and Johansen the jazz musicians and Riedel and Johansen as names in the credits of those movies a decade ago or so...
  2. I think Don Was is doing a great job with Blue Note. He has a small roster of amazing young artists whose music is much closer to the spirit of the original BN than a lot of what happened under the label's name in the 80s, 90s and 00s. Plus, with the Tone Poets he found a way of marketing the magic of the classical BN albums to another generation of buyers. I am not in the market for highend vinyl reissues either. Yet the population of elderly cd buyers who've been into BN since the 90s or longer has really had ample opportunity to collect whatever classics they needed on the label. So, unless you dig deeper and deeper into the vaults, there really isn't much Don Was can offer to this demographic. And, afaik, whenever there was an interesting vault reissue by BN (like the recent Lee Morgan set for instance), cd buyers were not forgotten.
  3. RIP his soundtracks for the movies about Emil from Lonneberga are formative memories...
  4. Loads of admiration here for people who really master three or four languages... For me Dutch as a third language has completely overwritten the little French I had, at least when it comes to speaking, and I also notice how my English, the second language, is constantly messing up the Dutch - a bit like the Romanian that occasionally shines through in your english... And these phrases where words don't have their usual meaning... Die sind schon ein Brett
  5. Reminds me to spin this one again, one of my most played "recent" albums actually... With Houben's son Greg playing the Chet-inspired trumpet.... Since uncle Jacques Pelzer was already playing this type of music, the album is kind of a celebration of three generations in the family business (and the two also made a cute but silly promo video that's on YouTube)
  6. The former German taxpayer in me thinks that it's pretty outrageous that WDR apparently has some employee answer pretty much all the YouTube comments (as can be seen under those videos)... It's not as if this was promotion for some underlying physical product or so... There's no product and they're a public institution (largest broadcasting entity in Europe after only the BBC). So from that perspective I am relieved that, at least, they seem to be relying on relatively cheap labor for this task, some poor soul who has to reply to hundreds of YouTube comments day in day out... What can you expect...
  7. that's autocorrect for CD
  8. Bailey shows up quite a bit in those Leftbank concert listings... That thread being up and the mention of Walt Namuth made me find another recording credit for the bass playing Donald Bailey ... https://www.discogs.com/de/release/8045466-Leslie-J-Schnierer-SJ-Ted-Hawk-Trio-The-Dawn
  9. Also Teagarden here, Shades of Night... Think well of me has the vocals as an added bonus and a better selection of material... But I like them both.
  10. https://home.nestor.minsk.by/jazz/index.html This site says yes, there'll be a CD for both McDuff and (maybe even more interestingly) Manne
  11. "Leading from the organ chair, McDuff is joined by Leo Johnson on tenor saxophone, flute and clarinet, Dave Young on tenor and soprano saxophone, Vinnie Corrao on guitar, and Ron Davis on drums." I read on lydialiebman.com on the same site, it says that the second LP of the Manne set has Hampton Hawes together with Frank Strozier...
  12. since Kirk Jr's legacy is so slim I thought I'd post something I saw yesterday even though it isn't much: the track Groove Street from Art Blakey's December 1947 Blue Note session is credited to Blakey and Kirk Jr on the original release. (Later issues claim Musa Kaleem aka Orlando Wright as the composer. Wright composed the flip side, Musa's Vision, so the most likely scenario is that this credit was wrongly extended to both sides of the record at a later date...). also, I saw in Kirk Sr's NYT obit that Kirk Jr. lived from 1929 to 1967.
  13. Like I wrote above, Green Patton Dixon was advertised in Pittsburgh for 15 November 1965... So, as argued above, Young's involvement is more plausible during the summer... Maybe there was more than one recording date...
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