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Takis's Large Dog Shelter in Crete

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The discussion about Larry Kart's lovely dog Scout prompted me to mention this. I think it deserves a thread of its own.

A few years ago, a successful DJ called Takis, in Crete, was moved to start a dog shelter. It is out in the sticks, and, apparently, real estate is not as expensive there as in many other countries. He has a house there, and several large fenced areas for the dogs. Pretty much all the dogs are rescues from (often) awful situations. The canine population has grown to over 400, and there are also cats and goats now. They are all available for adoption.

There are several dog shelters throughout the world, but this one is extra special, because of its size, and the hundreds of videos, and Takis's warm personality. This is an amazing ministry. I watch at least one of his videos every day. They are all on Youtube. Takis is fluent in English, and the quality of his videos is very high. He doesn't wave the camera around rapidly. Very professional.

It must cost a fortune to run the place. He used his own money to start it, and he gets a lot of donations. There are several volunteer helpers, because there is no way that he could do all the work on his own.

Check the videos out. They make a welcome contrast with the doings of the politicians, and will brighten your day.

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