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  1. Arlene Sierra

    She's an attractive young-ish woman who writes good charts with a rather, shall we say, detailed and specific sense of rhythm which she sustains through all sorts of motions and counter-motions, I have both of her Bridge records and could maybe fall in love except just platonically, because age and fatness have subdued my ability to counter-parry those rhythms with the degree of precision and nuance as they are first-parried, because anybody who knows what they want THAT exactly deserves to get it, or at least to get a chance to try to get it. But if I was a younger man, oh yes I would. I go to the DSO and hear this Christopher Rouse bland shit like it some kind of Masterpiece Of Our Time, blah, blick, and bluck. Play me some Arlene Sierra, bitttshes, play me some Arlene Sierra!