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Status Updates posted by ArthurSchopenhauer

  1. We don't need another hero

  2. I hate Facebook but I fucking love Ethan Brand and, to a somewhat lesser but still noteworthy extent, James Coffin.

  3. Got this from: Ethan Brand Band I got: Rain Do I like them: I do, a lot. Favourite track: Probably Rivers, but I love them all. They only have 6. Have I seen them: Nope Like this and I will give you a band.

  4. Got this from: Ethan Brand Band I got: *Black Flag* Do I like them: On the fence, to be honest. Favourite track: Torn between Nervous Breakdown and Nothing Left Inside. Have I seen them: No, but I have read Get in the Van. While living in my shed and brooding on those drudgery-laden proles that do nothing but eke out a miserable, joyless existence while I get my hands, fists and fingernails dirty in the quarry of difficult, thankless art. Like this and I will give you a band.

  5. Got this from: Esko Routamaa Band i got: Led Zeppelin Do i like them: Yes, especially when they sing about Lord of the Rings. Favourite track: Ramble On. Have i seen them: No. But I have seen Roy Harper 5 times. Like this and i give you a band.

  6. This is not a bad airport.

  7. Probably not me, then, much as I love free CDs!

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