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  1. I have a problem with one of my older Mosaic cds. Part of the black ink of the label seems to have flaked off sometime in the past and fallen into the jewel box. Unfortunately the ink spot has firmly attached itself to the playing side of the cd and is preventing the cd from playing. Is there a safe way to clean this off the surface of the cd?


  2. That's more like it!! Less than $15 shipped. I placed my order. :rsmile:

    Seems like a data entry error, but what the heck. We'll see if BestBuy lives up to their mistake.

    That's it --- you fell victim to the plot to get you to order a copy! :rolleyes:

    Fell victim also. Hopefully it doesn't turn into a single disc comp or something.

    However I have in the past picked up the first Coltrane Impulse Box and the Bill Evan's - Turn Out The Lights Box from Best Buy that were also priced wrong. Hoping to go 3-3.

    I've just received an email from Best Buy that my shipment is on its way. Many thanks for the tip about the ridiculously low price!

  3. I received my Lou Donaldson box. The set is 1260 of 5000 sets. I list the set number as an indication that, as of this date, the set has not yet reached the halfway point.....

    I received my Donaldson box yesterday 1 Aug 2008 and its number is 1853! So, 3 years after this discussion started and 6 years after the release of this marvelous set, it has not yet reached the halfway point... Very strange...

    I already listened to the first CD two times!



    This has been discussed many times around here but I suspect you were not with us at that time. The set numbers don't really mean much. The fact that you have received number 1853 doesn't mean that they have only sold 1853 sets. I am sure this one is not far from going OOP. BTW, welcome here!

    Actually, the numbers DO mean much for the big boxes. It's been well established here that those are numbered sequentially as they are sold (hence, the hand-numbering of the booklet using the sequential number on the receipt at the time of sale). Of course, there's a wrinkle in this system with the Universal-distributed Mosaics (which don't include the Donaldson, of course), since those are not individually numbered and are sold by a variety of merchants. Also, the older Selects (as opposed to the newer ones, which aren't numbered at all) are machine-numbered at the time they were produced, and are not sold in sequential order (especially since, like the newer Universal Mosaics, they are widely distributed and not only sold directly by Mosaic).

    But the big boxes sold directly by Mosaic are all individually numbered in sequence at the time of sale, so Alexandros' set number 1853 is, in fact, the 1,853rd Donaldson set sold. :)

    Not quite true. The folks at Mosaic told me it's the computer that assigns the number to the big boxes, picking it at random from all still available numbers, and it's then written into the booklet. Therefore, set #1,853 isn't necessarily the 1,853rd set sold.

    I'm pretty certain this is not true, though I am not doubting you that someone at Mosaic gave you this info. I will double check with them, but I'm pretty certain that the computer spits out the next available number for sale and does not scramble up the numbers for no logical reason at all. Most of their sets are manufactured 500 at a time, so numbering the sets in order makes it easy for them to see when the next batch of discs for each title needs to be made. There have been many times when members here have ordered a Mosaic set right around the same time I did and our numbers are very close to each other. I bought my Donaldson box a couple of days ago and got 1891.

    I can confirm that J.A.W's account is accurate. Apparently Mosaic receives funding from the National Science Foundation to test some of their random number generators.

  4. According to the website none of my local stores had it, but...

    just for the heck of it, i did a search of all the best buy stores in more than ten states. not one of them has this listed as "available," so it will be interesting if you (and i'm sure there are others here) actually receive it. good luck.

    I've just checked my order status and the set was apparently shipped

    yesterday. So it looks like we will receive it this time ... unlike the

    Sly set some months ago.

  5. Just finished disc 3 of the Hampton - wow! That Chu Berry!!!!!!

    I see there must be a good bit of duplication between this set and Chu's.


    Got my set at 10.30 am today !!! Managed to listen repeatedly to disc one only. I know a bit of this material already from Lps but here it sounds great. Not too much cross-over with the Chu set ...really.... didn't put me off...

    How much overlap is there with the Chu set?

    check the discography on the Mosaic site for details, ( they're blocked at my work), 3 sessions IIRC. one session is duplicated in its entirety the other 2 are only partly documented on the Chu set. Incidentally my Hampton set is number 42 yet I received it the same day as MG (300). Hope Mosaic are happy with their level of sales on this one.

    Thanks! And my set is number 41 ....

  6. Just finished disc 3 of the Hampton - wow! That Chu Berry!!!!!!

    I see there must be a good bit of duplication between this set and Chu's.


    Got my set at 10.30 am today !!! Managed to listen repeatedly to disc one only. I know a bit of this material already from Lps but here it sounds great. Not too much cross-over with the Chu set ...really.... didn't put me off...

    How much overlap is there with the Chu set?

  7. I probably won't get as I told them that I felt their reason for not honoring my order was ridiculous and I would never order from them again if I could help it.

    I told them their reason was an outright lie and that I was reporting them

    to the Better Business Bureau (which I did) ... but they still sent me that

    $10 coupon.

  8. Can anyone really blame them for not wanting to sell something at a price that was clearly very wrong in their system?? (75% off their "sale price" (and probably 85% off the list prince) on the "street-date" is obviously quite wrong.)

    I like a bargain as much as the next guy, but really folks - would you expect a retailer to honor the wrong price printed on the price tag of every in-stock copy of a particular item in a store? No, as soon as the mistake was discovered -- every attempt would be made to correct the error on every instance of that product still in stock, that hadn't yet left the store.

    Yeah, a couple people might have copies of the mispriced product in their hands (walking up to the front of the store), and if some of those customers put up a fight -- you might have to swallow hard and honor that price a few times. But at some point you would just have to say that you're not selling that item at the moment until the price is corrected in the system -- and if people don't like it, then they can wait until the next day when the product (with the correct price) is available again.

    I can't blame Best Buy for doing whatever they have to (even to the point of saying they're "out of stock" suddenly), to avoid having to ship a couple thousand of these at a $20 or even $25 loss on every single one.

    Or maybe they should take a hint from United Airlines (whose error was far worse) and honor that particular price for whoever placed an order and got a confirmation. Stop giving bogus reasons. These guys had advertised this prominently. As I understand it, some folks are getting theirs and some aren't. That's the problem I have here.

    Perhaps we should all take the trouble to send them a complaint? For those who are interested, the

    email address of the relevant Better Business Bureau is http://www.mnd.bbb.org/

  9. I would too, and I have that stuff too.

    Duke. . . an artist to listen to for a lifetime.

    Count me in. I've been bugging them about doing a big band set forever. I'm waiting to order the small group set, though--I just bought the Bear Family Nat Cole sets for myself for Christmas, and my checking account is yelling at me!

    I've just got the "Stardust" set and it's wonderful. How does the "Love"

    set compare?

  10. Some possible bad news about the Tolliver. Mine wouldn't play

    on my Bose player ... perhaps due to its being copy protected?

    Mosaic sent me a second copy and that wouldn't play either.

    Are you sure it's copy-protected? Does it say so in the booklet, on the CD or the inserts?

    Did you try another CD player?

    My mistake. It is not copy protected, just incompatible with

    my player.

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