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  1. That list is insane. Good insane but insane nonetheless ;) There's more bands there than play in London all year. I'm almost tired just reading the list!

    Anyone going is going to have one hell of a time that's certain. Enjoy it and let those of us on distant shores know what such a cornucopia is like to experience

    And when my lottery ticket comes in (as I know it will with the Jazz Gods smiling on me) at the weekend I'll be flying over for

    Amina Claudine Myers Trio

    Tomas Fujiwara & The Hookup

    Myra Melford's Snowy Egret

    Marc Ribot & The Young Philadelphians w/ strings

    Kris Davis Infrasound

    Tyshawn Sorey Piano Trio

    I hope someone gets that Melford band recorded - Pi Recordings, if you're listening

    Myra's band Snowy Egret has a recording coming out via enja in the States on March 7 with the very personnel you see above except with Ron Miles on trumpet instead of Ben Goldberg on clarinet.

  2. I was enjoying Kikuchi's playing on Paul Motian's Live at the Village Vanguard, Vol. 1 yesterday. I don't find Kikuchi's grunting distracting, although it might be if you were at the Vanguard sitting right behind him. I remember there being some kind of benefit for him last year or the year before. Does anyone know how he's doing now?

    He's a lot better than he was I've heard from musicians close to him. I've even seen him out at a few concerts but I think his cancer is in remission. It could come back any day...

  3. Really been digging these lately:

    Jeremy Udden's Plainville - If The Past Seems So Bright (Sunnyside) - it's the followup to his first one on Fresh Sound. Really unique sound sort of coming out of Frisell mixed with Lee Konitz but not swinging in the Tristano school at all. With Pete Rende on keyboards, Brandon Seabrook on tenor banjo and guitar, Eivind Opsvik on bass and RJ Miller on drums. Watch out for any records Pete Rende is involved with. He is a great mixing and mastering engineer in addition to being a great pianist.

    Buy: http://www.amazon.com/If-Past-Seems-So-Bright/dp/B004UHF6B2


    Craig Taborn - Avenging Angel (ECM) - Craig's first solo piano record is dazzlingly beautiful, in a very original & abstract way. Closest antecedent for me would be Cecil Taylor but completely his own style. You would never know he is a regular with Tim Berne and Chris Potter from this.

    Buy: http://www.amazon.com/Avenging-Angel-Craig-Taborn/dp/B004SQAF70/


    Aaron Goldberg & Guillermo Klein - Bienestan (Sunnyside) - some of the best writing of the year in my opinion. But also some unnecessary Charlie Parker covers. I don't understand at all why they're on this record. Chris Cheek and Miguel Zenon really blow well on this too. And Eric Harland is a rhythmic freak.

    Buy: http://www.amazon.com/Bienestan-Aaron-Goldberg-Guillermo-Klein/dp/B004XIQJ5A/


    And finally this record by the Israeli guitarist Gilad Hekselman - Hearts Wide Open (Le Chant du Monde). It is beautiful. Great compositions. Some a little long. But with Mark Turner, Joe Martin and Marcus Gilmore you can't go wrong.

    Buy: http://www.amazon.com/Hearts-Wide-Gilad-Hekselman-guitar/dp/B0052FG8S6/



    Gerald Cleaver - "Be It As I See It"

    Avant-guard with some orchestral flourishes. This isn't the kind of sound my ears are interested in these days, but I can't stop listening to this album... it's that engaging, almost hypnotically. Highly recommend giving this a listen. Should appeal to Clean Feed junkies.

    You can stream the entire album on his Bandcamp page. Also, it costs ten bucks to download it there and you can get it in FLAC if you want it. From what I understand, buying through Bandcamp, more money goes to the artist than, say, on Amazon.


    Two Thumbs Up for this one too...See what Tyshawn Sorey says about this record and about Gerald's playing in the forthcoming November drums issue of JazzTimes. There's a fascinating Before & After (JazzTimes' version of the Blindfold Test) with Sorey and the interviewer plays him almost all music he immediately gets. Really interesting to hear him talk about drummer-composers.

  4. #1 At first I thought Dave Douglas but he doesn't have that facility on the horn. Sounds like new Dutch swing. Like maybe Thomas Heberrer with Misha Mengelberg? I think they are definitely European.

    #2 I feel like this sounds like Bunky Green but is way too manic and free to be him. Not Dolphy either AFAICT. I like the manic drumming. Sounds like Dannie Richmond. I guess this could be John Handy with Mingus and Dannie and Jack Walrath...

    #3 No clue but I love it.

    #9 This is beautiful. I would love to have seen this live. It reminds me of David S. Ware. I saw Ware solo this past winter in a private house concert and it could be him. This could be from that "Saturnian" solo sax LP on AUM Fidelity. There's so much language in what he's playing. Note the bebop grounding at 2:30-2:35. Heavy. Love it.

    #10 This guy can play the fucking trumpet. At 1:25 it gets really interesting. This could be Bill Dixon actually, though it's not quite avant enough to be him. Or so one would think. I can't think of many guys who have this kind of CRAZY facility on the trumpet or cornet.

    #11 This is "Mr. Syms" from "Coltrane Plays The Blues" (one of my favorite Coltrane tunes from the Atlantic period). I was thinking it could be Ben Goldberg or Doug Wieselman and it was driving me crazy so I looked at tune lengths on the internets (there are not that many covers of "Mr Syms"). But I'll let you all guess forever. You'll never guess. You're a sneaky man, Clifford. But now I'm going to buy this track on iTunes. And maybe the album if you think it's all around a great album. Certainly a unique instrumentation.

    #12 This sounds like someone very modern. Definitely post-Sonny and also post-Brecker. But I have the feeling this is some European or South African guy we've never heard of. Great sax solo and great bass solo.

    more soon

  5. Alice Coltrane

    Lotte Anker (dig her trio CDs with Craig Taborn & Gerald Cleaver)

    Kris Davis (do not sleep on her, no pun intended)

    Allison Miller (check out Miller's recording with Melford & Scheinman)

    Jenny Scheinman

    Myra Melford

    Sylvie Courvoisier

    Abbey Lincoln

    Melba Liston

    Okkyung Lee (cello)

    Mary Halvorson

    Jessica Pavone (viola)

    Sara Schoenbeck (bassoonist with Adam Rudolph's GO: Organic Orchestra, Wayne Horvitz's Gravitas Quartet)

  6. Jay Collins has an amazing feature on the latest big band CD by the pianist Jason Lindner, "Live at the Jazz Gallery" on the tune "Poem for You Today." He sings and takes a burly, muscular tenor solo. I highly recommend this album. It was one of my favorites of 2007. Also has Miguel Zenon, Anat Cohen, Omer Avital, others. I also like his playing with Levon Helm. You can see him live if you go see Levon up at his Midnight Rambles up near Woodstock, NY.

  7. Wow. This is a great loss. When you make the front page of Yahoo and Google news, you know you've had an impact on society.

    And when legions of young players follow in your footsteps, or more appropriated "fingersteps". Eldar, natch.

    RIP OP.

  8. recently I've seen this phenomenon occuring in several places. I saw Ornette play the Bach Cello Suite #1 with his three bass band + Denardo. Tony Falanga plays the famous arco part on bass. This was particularly riveting as I saw Ornette do it once before in another concert on the East Coast. If anyone has a recent live bootleg of an Ornette show with this band, please send me a PM.

    Also, the pianist Helen Sung (who happens to be the 2007 Winner of the Mary Lou Williams Piano Competition, an inaugural student in the Monk Institute's Jazz Perfomance program when it was at NEC and a former very serious classical pianist) just made a beautiful record on Sunnyside on which she covers/plays variations on the music of the lesser known 19th century Spanish composer Isaac Albeniz. This CD is not something I'm working in my role as a publicist - I was just so blown away by the CD and then again seeing her live in DC at Blues Alley - I felt I should make mention of her.

  9. I'm sitting here at the office unable to get the Coltrane version of "What's New?" (The Gentle Side of John Coltrane) out of my head. Can anyone recommend some good versions - preferrably from vinyl since I'm sitting right next to an amazing vinyl collection. I should be asking this everyday about a new song but I didn't think of it til now.



  10. I went to this show last night at Philadelphia Clef Club. Everyone in the band rocked except Torn. He was just playing with his fucking sampler the whole time and occasionally playing a semi-inspired riff.

    The highlights were Michael Formanek & Tim Berne (on baritone sax) performing their world premiere of "The Offbeat Manifesto," and Taborn playing with all his "toys."

    Torn benefits from a lot of hype as a producer. As a musician, there's just not much there (that I hear).

  11. from the Blue Note news site (full disclosure: I am working this set to bloggers and podcasters)



    A remarkable never-before released concert from Cornell University in 1964 that captures the bass master at a creative peak with one of the finest ensembles of his career. The 2-disc set features inspired performances of Mingus classics such as "Fables of Faubus," "Meditations," and "So Long Eric" when the piece was still a living celebration of Dolphy, just 3 months before the iconoclastic reedsman was to pass away at age 36.


    ERIC DOLPHY - alto saxophone, flute, bass clarinet

    CLIFFORD JORDAN - tenor saxophone

    JOHNNY COLES - trumpet

    JAKI BYARD - piano


    Release date: July 17, 2007



  12. Was the drummer Elliot Humberto Kavee or Tyshawn Sorey? Both are fucking killer but different gigs, Threadgill uses different guys. I saw this band in Philly last March and it was a truly transformative expierience. They had a lot of room to spread out in their semi circle with Threadgill at the conductor's podium sometimes conducting but mostly playing sax and flute facing the audience.

    I can imagine this was somewhat cramped at the Jazz Gallery but it would be interesting to see that band really up close.

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