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JAZZ CDs for sale: Italian Jazz Labels (Unofficially releasing)


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Hello again from Italy:

I have the following MOON Records, JAZZ VIEW-Historical Masters, NEW SOUND PLANET  CDs for sale.

Out of print CDs from Italian labels unofficially releasing titles , active from late 80's to early 90's.

- mint / near mint condition

5.00 $ USD / 4.50  Euro

I ship Worldwide from Italy at cost (i  ship the CDs with booklet and covers without jewel case to save money for shipping costs).

Please feel free to PM me with your reguests...

thank you


On sale:

BLAKET ART Are You Real Moon MCD071-2
BYAS DON Don Byas Meets Dizzy Gillespie - Yesterdays Moon MCD009-2
COLEMAN ORNETTE Broken Shadows Moon MCD022-2
ELLINGTON DUKE & His Orchestra - Jive Rhapsody Moon MCD084-2
ELLINGTON DUKE Carnegie Hall '64 - Vol. 1 Moon MCD061-2
ELLINGTON DUKE Carnegie Hall '64 - Vol. 2 Moon MCD068-2
EVANS BILL Emily Moon MCD060-2
FARMER ART Art Farmer Meets Gerry Mulligan & Jim Hall Moon MCD051-2
GILLESPIE DIZZY On The Sunny Side Of The Street Moon MCD077-2
GORDON DEXTER Those Were The Days Moon MCD059-2
GRAY WARDELL How High The Moon Moon MCD076-2
HAWKINS COLEMAN-PETERSON OSCAR-BYAS DON-WILSON TEDDY Coleman Hawkins Vs. Oscar Peterson & Don Byas Vs. Teddy Wilson Moon MCD018-2
JOHNSON J.J.-MONK THELONIOUS The Be Bop Legends Moon MCD 072-2
MINGUS CHARLIE Astral Weeks Moon MCD016-2
O'DAY ANITA Tea For Two Moon MCD023-2
ROLLINS SONNY In Denmark 2 Moon MCD038-2
VV.AA. All-Star Jam Session - Ow! Moon MCD075-2


BAKER CHET QUINTET-Live In Europe 1956 (Vol. 1) Jazz View 033
BAKER CHET QUINTET-Live In Europe 1956 (Vol. 2) Jazz View 034
VV.AA. The Bop Fathers (Volume 1) Jazz View 026
VV.AA. The Bop Fathers (Volume 2) Jazz View 027
YOUNG LESTER The President (Vol. 3) Jazz View 037
YOUNG LESTER The President (Vol. 4) Jazz View 038
YOUNG LESTER The President (Vol. 5)  Jazz View 039
YOUNG LESTER The President (Vol. 6) Jazz View 040
YOUNG LESTER The President (Vol. 1) Jazz View 029
YOUNG LESTER The President (Vol. 2) Jazz View 030

ARMSTRONG LOUIS Satchmo '54 New Sound Planet JU 301
BASIE COUNT Down For The Count New Sound Planet JU 303
BLAKEY ART AND THE JAZZ MESSENGERS - Live In Berlin 1959/1962 New Sound Planet JU 321
CARTER BENNY Benny Carter Big Band - On The Air New Sound Planet JU 327
CLAYTON BUCK AND HIS BAND-Jammin' at <Eddie Condon's> Vol. 1 New Sound Planet JU 311
CLAYTON BUCK AND HIS BAND-Jammin' at <Eddie Condon's> Vol. 2 New Sound Planet JU 312
COLTRANE JOHN QUARTET - Live In Denmark 1962 New Sound Planet JU-316
DAVIS MILES QUINTET-Live In Europe New Sound Planet JU 320
ELLINGTON DUKE Live In Italy 1967 - Vol. 1 New Sound Planet JU-305
ELLINGTON DUKE Live In Italy 1967 - Vol. 2 New Sound Planet JU-306
HINES EARL Live In Milano 1966 New Sound Planet JU 315
JOHNSON J.J.-MONK THELONIOUS The Be Bop Legends New Sound Planet JU-302
MONK THELONIOUS QUARTET-Live In Berlin 1961 New Sound Planet JU 326
MULLIGAN GERRY  QUARTET - Live In Stockholm 1957 New Sound Planet JU 324
ROLLINS SONNY QUARTET featuring Don Cherry - In Europe 1963 - Vol. 2 New Sound Planet JU 314
ROLLINS SONNY QUARTET featuring Don Cherry - In Europe 1963 - Vol. 1 Sound Planet JU 313

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