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Organissimo - Waiting For The Boogaloo Sisters...

Whether the sisters showed eventually isn't stated, but there's a lot of that insistent choppy beat during the wait, varied with a couple of slow numbers, a tricky 3/4 called "Young's Dream" and a sizzling straight-ahead "Jimmy Smith Goes To Washington" which makes you wish they'd stayed with that groove a little longer. You've guessed by now this is an organ combo, drummer Randy Marsh slicing the rhythm, Joe Gloss the guitarist, Jim Alfredson at the B3 and demonstrating he knows exactly what he's doing. Made in Michigan, and it's equally clear they've been more than just introduced to each other - it's slick and beyond doubt they're great in a club setting. Tenorist Ron Blake guests on a couple, doing a good school-of-Don-Wilkerson on "Clap Yo Hands".

~Jack Cooke
From Jazz Review, UK, February 2004