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Alive & Kickin'!
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Organissimo - Alive & Kickin' 4/4
O's Notes: This organ trio features guitarist Joe Gloss, Randy Marsh on drums and Jim Alfredson on the Hammond. Each of them makes strong contributions to the sound especially Joe with his strong solos. "Jimmy Smith Goes To Washington" is a showcase tune for each of them. They have been together almost ten years and this is their third album, the first one recorded live. They delight the Michigan audience and we felt the same appreciation from our listening seat. There is a bit of a calypso tone on "Señor Buffet" but most of these tunes are burners or the cool jazz you'd expect from a B3-trio. What we didn't expect was eight original tunes that felt like old standards! It feels good.

D. Oscar Groomes - O's Place Jazz Magazine