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excerpted from "M&T Syracuse Jazz Fest Reviews" by Mark Bialczak

Hammond B-3 organ player Jim Alfredson of organissimo played the whole set with his feet hopping underneath his bench, covered only by white socks - even for their song "Stomp Yo' Feets."

With Randy Marsh on drums and Joe Gloss on guitar, the trio from Lansing, MI scratched the itch for that jazz sound led by the magical, whirling Hammond B-3.

"Theme from the Big O" showed that these guys - who, coincidentally, tell all to spell their band's name with a little 'o' at the beginning - can capture the cool vibe. "Bleeker," written for that street of that name in Manhattan's Greenwich Village, showed that there's something hip going on with this young ensemble.

"Razzle Bazzle,"written by Marsh, moved into "Blake's Shake," and both let the trio stretch into jam band mode. Then they took the standard "Tenderly," turned it on its side a bit, and let Gloss' lyrical guitar work become the star.