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  1. bump for some price reductions. Priced to move!
  2. Nice. I've added a Johnny Hodges Mosaic box to my list of items to sell.
  3. Bump for new additions. Thanks to all who purchased from me in the past, I appreciate it!
  4. Thanks everyone. All titles that have been purchased have been delivered. I have added a Mosaic Select and hopefully will be adding more box sets soon.
  5. Thanks everyone. All items that have been paid for have been shipped. I've also adjusted some prices and will be adding more items soon.
  6. All three Mosaic singles are sold to disaac pending payment.
  7. Sold to Dave Garrett. FYI, disaac expressed interest in purchasing the Turrentine title yesterday but never made payment or replied to my message.
  8. PM replied and Sam Rivers Contours is sold to T.D.
  9. PM replied. Tina Brooks, Groove Holmes, McDuff, and Three Sounds It Club are sold to disaac pending payment.
  10. Bump for new additions & some new prices.
  11. Thanks to everyone who has purchased so far. All discs that have been paid for have been shipped. In addition to listing these titles here, I am also soliciting jazz loving friends as well and a one of them requested to purchase Louis Smith/Smithville only to determine that he already owned a copy! Sorry for the confusion but that disc is still available. I will be adding more titles (including more BN Conns) this weekend.
  12. PM replied and Birks Works is sold to Tom1960 pending payment.
  13. PM replied and Rex is sold to Simon8.
  14. Moncur is gone. Sorry folks!
  15. Box Sets For Sale

    The Joe Pass set is really good, too. I love those sessions with Les McCann.