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  1. He was a poet. The Pogues played a miner’s benefit at Hampstead Old Town Hall in 1985, on the same day they recorded a session on the Tube (a well regarded live TV programme on Channel 4, early Friday evening). I bumped into Shane in the bogs at the gig and mentioned I had seen the programme that evening, expressed surprise that they had made the gig. He said (swaying gently) that the Tube had paid for a flight from Newcastle to London and they had enjoyed free drink all the way down. It was a great gig. This is their performance on that day
  2. I think you can hear Alf Garnett actor Warren Mitchell at some points in this recording. That Ronnie Lang record is v good. Fluent West Coast alto at its finest. Great sleeve, I couldn’t resist buying that years back in a great record shop in Santa Cruz. The pre eBay years when you could pick up stuff pretty cheap.
  3. I spotted her at Walthamstow wetlands last summer, wished I’d said hello! Used to see her regularly at Oto and Vortex but haven’t visited either for various reasons this past year or so. It’s not a huge exhibition in Queen’s Park and a large number are blues-related. I think this may be because the latest book covers the blues. The prices interested me, around £1200 a pop. My partner bought me a Val Wilmer photo (framed, good quality print) of Eric Dolphy (in London 1961) which we still have on the wall. From Rhythm Records Camden in the 80s and I am sure much less than £100.
  4. Good for David Weiss to comment at length on the Cadogan Hall concert. Sounds a challenging travel schedule! I did enjoy last year’s concert at the Church of Sound. Craig Taborn replaced Donald Harrison. Now there is a venue where it must be difficult to get a good balanced sound. High ceilinged Victorian church.
  5. Interesting article on Val Wilmer’s photography in the Guardian today: https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2023/nov/21/fela-kuti-bb-king-jimi-hendrix-miles-davis-val-wilmer-mi6 I visited the exhibition mentioned in article today in Queens Park London. I would recommend it. Some good photos I had not seen before. Also some familiar ones, such as Rashid Ali and Frank Lowe used on the cover of Duo Exchange.
  6. I recall that It can get a bit fetid in the store in the summer. My wife nearly passed out once when I had only reached G in the racks. I have a certain sympathy with the owner Fred!
  7. Yes, flight delays or something along those lines. My brother in law said they came on looking hacked off! Spike Wells and the QOW trio Monday night at jazz at the Oxford (Parrakeet) London NW5. Seem to be channelling Sonny Rollins at the Vanguard.
  8. Ah OK. He said people were shouting re Billy Hart when the ‘drummer’ was introduced ‘what’s his name?’
  9. Met my brother in law last night who was at this concert and claimed there was a lot of tension in the air, particularly around Billy Hart not being introduced and then playing really loud. Any truth in this? He may have misread the situation.
  10. Visited this afternoon ( and the Blue Note shop nearby, no stars just Tony Higgins Brit jazz reissue supremo). Picked up Philly Joe Jones, PJs beat with Bill Barron on tenor. UK original issue, £10. Lots of West Coast jazz which they are finding hard to shift! There’s a Tubby Hayes Tubby’s Groove Tempo issue on the wall which they are open to offers at around £150.
  11. I remember Blue Note opening the pop up store in Coal Drop Yard a few years back. Odd they don’t publicise this. Must have been great to bump into Charles Lloyd! Buy anything from honest Jon’s opposite? This, rather than the Portobello Road branch, is now their jazz shop. Usually a few interesting items.
  12. Swinging with Zoot Sims, Prestige 10”. Just friends, Bill Perkins, Art Pepper & Richie Kamuca, Pacific Jazz. A Toshiba reissue but such a great recording, puts similar period Blue Note recordings in the shade.
  13. Blimey. “When he passes”.
  14. A month in the country, JL Carr. Quirky and moving. Loved it. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2010/aug/08/jl-carr-month-in-country Anthony London
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