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  1. Bill Dixon - Intents & Purposes reissue

    I agree on the playing by Zeitlin. I'm in an awkward position as it is my reissue so hard to be objective, but I put it out because the playing by both Steig and Zeitlin is superior. Still I think the greatest straight ahead flute recording. Both musicians just kill it. In fact I almost never ever add "bonus" material to an original reissue, but in this case their playing on the bonus What Is This Thing Called Love is as good as anything on the original performance.
  2. Bill Dixon - Intents & Purposes reissue

    Thanks on the Japan thing but it doesn't recognize my login email so I could not but I just went to normal Amazon and found it easily and ordered it. Several choices there too. So simple to get for under $20.00. JSngry--I think you analysis of the Daley Trio is brilliant. I've struggled with Daley's playing a bit over the years but I think you hit the nail on the head and that is encouraging. I just have to figure out how to get it out without Sony messing it up.
  3. Bill Dixon - Intents & Purposes reissue

    Any how does one order the CD from that site which is in Japanese? I'd like to.
  4. Bill Dixon - Intents & Purposes reissue

    Thanks for this very accurate description, indeed. You're so lucky to have known him. I tried to find him in Madison Wisconsin but no luck. I know he is there doing something. Anyway his playing is truly unique as you so well describe. Makes the whole Daley project worth pursuing despite all.
  5. Bill Dixon - Intents & Purposes reissue

    I plan to put out 2 to 3 CDs worth which is 2 to 3 times the original. As you may know the original vinyl was faked by the producer who made it sound like it was live at Newport when it was NOT. It was studio stuff that he reverbed to death. Joe Daley was livid about it. A mess and dishonest of the producer. I need to sort through it all and figure it all out and put in in chronological order. The problem is Sony now. Will they let me? I doubt it but I'll figure it out as putting out the trios full output would be fabulous. And if I remember their best playing is at Newport which most of was not on the album. That is they really did play at Newport eventually and if my memory has not completely gone, it was their best playing. There are moments when the trio clicks and it is wonderful. But Russell Thorne kills on all of it. His playing is just amazing and different from the usual bass player.
  6. Bill Dixon - Intents & Purposes reissue

    Well thank you. Very appreciated. The vinyl will never be reprinted by me for the record. It was a one time labor of love. Doug Sax did the mastering.
  7. Bill Dixon - Intents & Purposes reissue

    Thanks. I did just put it out on vinyl so that is now widely available. It is a pretty nice packaging of the performance.
  8. Bill Dixon - Intents & Purposes reissue

    Good question Chuck. That's the problem. No files at all. They do everything and you're handed the CDs with my own art work which I had to fight for. But never saw nor touched any file this time. Just handed the CDs and it is over. I had no control at all. Earlier I controlled every single step.
  9. Bill Dixon - Intents & Purposes reissue

    Thanks Paul. I appreciate that. I was not thrilled with Sony's concept of good sound and that dampened my drive to do more with them. Soulpope -- thanks. Not sure what you meant by: "Could you pls at least be a little more specific how much unissued material is/will be available?" I have not looked into many reissues lately. When I get the drive to do so I'll take the wonderful listing the contributors of this site gave me and see if there is something there. But for sure someday I'll do Joe Daley.
  10. Bill Dixon - Intents & Purposes reissue

    Thanks all. At this point my only possible reissue is the Joe Daley. Sony has changed their policy (always for the worse) and we can no longer fix their poor quality sound. I have to take the digital transfer they give me and in fact I can't even choose the best CD manufacturer or mastering house. (Well Steve Marlowe is the best and always did my mastering). Hence my last release of Ran Blake, music I love, Film Noir is their original mixed down recording. I've lost my ability to apply the quality to a reissue that I wish to and that is required. But somehow I'll some day, someway figure out the Joe Daley. But after that is done, I can't think of much else I'll put out, although one never knows. There are other record labels and other artists. I did put out the ones that I craved releasing (Hemphill, Dixon, Steig, Fischer, Tapscott, Carter/Braford. Those are absolutely essential and brilliant works. So I'm happy about that. Daley although not brilliant by any means, has an absolutely brilliant bassist (Russell Thorne) and a very good drummer (Hal Russel) so it is worth doing not to mention pretty rare.
  11. What to Reissue Number Two

    I want to thank you all for this info on Bill Barron. I did not want you all to think I'm not reading your suggestions and more importantly, taking them to heart. I admit to not following all of it and what is missing and what isn't so I ordered the Barron CDs available not found in my collection and I'll figure it out. But I do get Motivation is not on CD in any form partial or full (right?). But strangely I know I ordered and received that LP last year when one of you gave me the heads up to get it. I just moved my studio and as always, something goes missing, and in this case it may be the Barron. I'm going to look again as my LPs are not well organized yet but just safely on shelves. I'll find it. It's a bitch to buy. So bear with me on all of this. Motivation would be a good reissue. The Daley is going to be a huge undertaking which I will do this year. And how I'll get Sony to let me put out more material than existed on the original LP (one of the worst arbitrary rules I run into with them) I don't know yet but I will. And then financing three gorgeous CDs probably in a killer box. I want to do the Daley right and I want to revisit the music to confirm the real live stuff was killer. Thanks to all of you again. Your suggestions are invaluable. I never heard of The Giant Awakens until you guys told me and now it is one of my all time favorites. I think I saw a copy going for $256.00 on Amazon!! Yikes.
  12. What to Reissue Number Two

    Thanks for this steer. I just ordered a copy of Modern Windows Suite and then will go from there on the missing parts. Love when you guys give me tips. Your knowledge of this area is vast and mine is narrow.
  13. What to Reissue Number Two

    Dear All, Hello. Understood on all comments. Taste does enter. Just like on my Clare Fischer release which was received cooly (and politely) here. I believe (know?) it is a work of genius, yet I understand how some may not take to it. Although I don't think the Blake is a work of genius I think it is very original music, quite different than what other pianists have done and very fine music. I firmly believe that the Dixon, Hemphill and Tapscott stuff is a work of genius. And the Carter Bradford is very close to that. Surely extraordinary playing and chemistry on Flight for Four. Or take the Daley material I will eventually put out. To me Daley on the vinyl was filled with possibilities (as Allen mentions in regards to Blake) but were not brought to fruition. Daley doesn't sound comfortable or fully developed to me on the vinyl Live at Newport. (However the real live at Newport is another matter and the trio plays gorgeously.) But then there is the bass playing on the vinyl Live At Newport and that is fabulous. So for me taste enters in at this level and some things do it for me (Fischer, Tapscott, Hemphill, Dixon, Carter/Bradford) and some haven't quite done it for me. This is all obvious stuff but thought I'd comment. Love to hear other thoughts on the matter as we all know there is a fine line between taste being an issue and the listener missing the boat. I this case I think it is taste. (Maybe with Fischer, in that case only, some missed the boat.)
  14. JLH reissue plans

    Allen, thanks and this is very true, what you write. My unit cost is astronomical. The covers alone cost me $2500.00 plus about $1500.00 shipping, which I'm working on reducing. And leasing is at least $3,000.00. Already I'm at $7.00 a copy if I sell 1000. You get the idea. The covers kill me financially but I will never compromise on those. If I sell 2000 over a long period which can happen as you describe, well then I come out fine. That's why others don't make the covers and art work I do. I don't blame them either.
  15. JLH reissue plans

    Thanks to you all. Again, last copies of The Giant Is Awakened with Dustry Groove and they are gone. I find my reissues sell about 1000 and that is it. Jeremy Steig sold 1000 very very quickly and then died in sales. Same with other issues -- even Bill Dixon. The problem there is I don't make any profit at all at 1000. So it's mainly a work of love which is fine. Daley will be a while and will need special handling. Very complex mess right now which I need days to sort out and will in the future. But for now I have the Ran Blake things to keep me occupied.