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  1. Really agree. I didn't feel compelled to rush out & get this, but a quick used copy turned up at my shop so I grabbed it and have had it spinning on repeat. Very strong stuff.
  2. That was my thought, pretty underwhelming if so.
  3. Does anyone have any information on the track “All”? Barring any additional information it seems that this is otherwise all previously released despite the slightly weasely PR copy. https://recordstoreday.com/SpecialRelease/16363 In fact, with the exception of “Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams” this is just the Reincarnation of a Love Bird album, the “fourth” Mingus Candid album that the new one claims to be.
  4. New release from Triple Point Records. Vinyl only as usual, but affordable for once: Previously unissued 1964 studio demo featuring Steve Lacy, Roswell Rudd, and Denis Charles Archie Shepp’s world has always been filled with fire music, and eventually Fire Music. Before that landmark LP, Shepp made Four for Trane—his August 1964 beachhead with Impulse. And even before that, as it turns out, came this one blip—the earliest Shepp leader project yet on record. Under supervision of the artist, this previously unissued demo recording is now available from Triple Point Records. As the cover of Derailleur suggests, Shepp tries out some surprising combinations for the session. The playlist includes two of Archie’s earliest documented compositions—the jagged 5/4 statement “Viva Jomo” and a shuffling blues named for his Florida homeland. And an homage to Maestro Ellington of course. Archie had already defined his voice while a sideman and co-leader; now he was looking for his team. Shepp momentarily adopted the quartet that Steve Lacy and Roswell Rudd led in the Village. This assemblage delivered a spontaneous demo, and engineer Art Crist captured it in a mono studio session. Buried in Archie’s tape archive was this batch of music that was all but forgotten; now Triple Point has polished it into crisp perfection. Archie Shepp (tenor saxophone) Roswell Rudd (trombone) Steve Lacy (soprano saxophone) Arthur Harper (bass) Denis Charles (drums) https://triplepointrecords.com Tracklist: side A 1. Dunbar Days & Miami Joys (Archie Shepp) take –4 (6:53) 2. Viva Jomo (Archie Shepp) take –4 (10:05) 3. Sophisticated Lady (Duke Ellington) take –1 (8:53) side B Viva Jomo 1. take –1 [breakdown] (1:04) 2. take –2 [complete] (6:42) 3. take –3 [complete] (7:43) Dunbar Days & Miami Joys 4. take –3 [complete] (5:46) 5. take –1 [false start] and take –2 [breakdown] (1:28) Archie Shepp (tenor saxophone); Roswell Rudd (trombone); Arthur Harper (bass); Denis Charles (drums) Recorded probably spring 1964 Bell Sound Studios, New York City
  5. Excellent player, a job well done. RIP.
  6. These are Vogue recordings so there is probably mostly overlap with the OP, but I have this one & it’s excellent: https://www.discogs.com/release/15801844-Don-Byas-Tenderly
  7. Awesome list. 20 that I like: Sophie Agnel - Capsizing Moments (Emanem) Ran Blake - Painted Rhythms: The Compleat Ran Blake Vols. 1 & 2 (GM Recordings) Dave Burrell - Windward Passages (hat ART) Curtis Clark - Self Trait (FMP) Marilyn Crispell - For Coltrane (Leo) Andrew Hill - Mosaic Select - Solo (Mosaic) Chris McGregor - In His Good Time (Ogun) Thelonious Monk - Piano Solo (Vogue) Sal Mosca – Too Marvelous For Words (June 1981, Five Concerts From The Netherlands) (Cadence) Michel Petrucciani - Live (Dreyfuss) Eve Risser – Des Pas Sur La Neige (Clean Feed) Irène Schweizer – First Choice – Piano Solo KKL Luzern (Intakt) Matthew Shipp - Piano Sutras (Thirsty Ear) Martial Solal – Bluesine (Soul Note) Sun Ra - Monorails & Satellites (Saturn) Cecil Taylor - Erzulie Maketh Scent (FMP) Pat Thomas – The Elephant Clock Of Al Jazari (Otoroku) Keith Tippett - Mujician III: August Air (FMP) Jessica Williams - All Alone (MAXJAZZ) Larry Willis - Solo Spirit (Mapleshade)
  8. Well, he died in 2013 but yeah it is my understanding that someone over there still owns the rights. I just wasn't sure what kind of licensing or buybacks/transfers might have gone down with the Ra music since Modern Harmonic and other ventures have released stuff previously done for other labels like Impulse! etc.
  9. Speaking of all that, does anyone know is Chusid would have ownership of the Horo sessions? Those are at the top of my wishlist for reissue, I'd love to have the whole of them on a CD set.
  10. I like this set for a maybe more concentrated dose of this music. One disc instrumental, one with Ella. It begins a bit earlier than the Mosaic. The same series has a Lunceford 2xCD that overlaps with the Mosaic:
  11. Obviously a million things out there, but I don't personally know of any compilations on vinyl that are small-group only. The Verve 2xLPs from the mid-70s intermix the strings & Latin stuff. That said, the original Clef albums Swedish Schnapps, Now's The Time, and Charlie Parker (only available on vinyl as 10"-- the Verve Master CD expands it quite a bit) are all in the small group format and are all 3, of course, some of the finest concentrated blasts of jazz music in existence.
  12. Yes, no skin off my back but since it didn't seem to affect the overall price its presence wouldn't bother me. Looking forward to digging into this one.
  13. 3xCD + 7" Gush set just out on Not Two. Looks quite nice: https://www.nottwo.com/mw1020 Edit: it appears that since this morning the vinyl EP add-on has been scrapped(?)
  14. Moosicus will be releasing Marion's excellent Calig LPs on CD next month:
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