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  1. Definitely. Maybe someone could find a pristine soundboard recording of Trane in '66 while they're at it.
  2. He also played on CT's Love For Sale album. Barron has been quoted saying that they practiced the music for over a year just to record that one LP side.
  3. The sound quality is fantastic, too. I wonder why this has never had an official release?
  4. Just noticed the 1965 Newport set is now on Spotify (and other services, I assume). Details are here: https://www.wolfgangs.com/music/cecil-taylor-quintet/audio/20020001-51297.html?tid=4844092
  5. Worth noting that with the exception of his sideman work on Babi and The Black Ark, none of his own music is currently in print, and most of what you can even find second hand is exorbitantly expensive -- most titles are scattered across a handful of long-defunct European labels. It's a damn shame; I don't think I can think of another comparable musician whose work is so difficult to hear in any capacity. And I don't exactly know what a viable solution would be.
  6. This showed up the other day with a lovely postcard from Barry. Only once through so far, but it's very, very impressive work.
  7. I sort of figured as much about the tapes, but I'm guessing there's still some work that could be done. A similar wishlister would be a definitive CD edition of Alabama Feeling. The one that came out in the 90s was a dreadful needle drop. I'm sure there's an unplayed copy out there somewhere that could be put to work. It seems crazy to me that none of Arthur Doyle's work is available.
  8. I'm sure this has been mentioned in the thread, but one that still boggles my mind is Jimmy Lyons - Other Afternoons. I would love to hear this remastered on CD. Does anyone know why this has never been done, or what the status of the original tapes might be? It was reissued on LP only during the early 2000s. I wonder if this is something Corbett would be able to get at.
  9. This is indeed a professionally manufactured copy, so I'd grab one while you can. Not sure where they turned these up, for awhile this was a pricy OOP CD as well. https://www.amazon.com/Blackstone-Legacy-Woody-Shaw/dp/B00000IN45/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=woody+shaw+blackstone+legacy&qid=1668783806&s=music&sprefix=woody+shaw+black%2Cpopular%2C130&sr=1-1
  10. Never thought the day would come! Can't wait.
  11. FYI Amazon has the Blackstone Legacy CD in stock. I ordered one last year to replace my sold copy; I will check tonight to see if it's a CD-R, I honestly don't remember.
  12. This whole "spiritual" jazz fad is a plague on innumerable levels, this being just one. And if you think this is crazy check out the prices on the Herb Ellis/Remo Palmier Concord(!!) LP, apparently a youtube algorithmic sensation.
  13. new batch looks especially promising. & spoke too soon on the Barry Guy sets, they were in the mailbox yesterday! I'll start digging in tomorrow.
  14. Wow, great. I ordered mine the day they were posted and there seems to be a problem in the mail. Hoping they will show up eventually.
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