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  1. XB-2 upgrade to ver.2 help!

    Hello, thanks for your feeback. This was the first step but unfortunately Ray wrote me that it is no longer available at Hammond. I don't know what can I do:( Maybe there is a dealer who has a dud stock from it. Or I'm interested in any kind of solution. Thanks again, Tamas
  2. Hello, I have a Hammond XB-2 organ with version 1.2 firmware and I would like to upgrade it with version 2 firmware. I have tried to search upgrade kit but I didn't find anywhere. Could anybody help me how can I upgrade it or where can I purchase this kit? I know this is an old instrument but I got it from my father and i like it. The problem that the full 2 manual option with external keyboard and percussion volume problem solved only in version 2. This is the reason that I would like to upgarde it. Thanks Tamas