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  1. Jimmy Heath presentation

    You are most welcome!
  2. Jimmy Heath presentation

    I have updated my website with the material I presented at the JEN conference this year. It focused on the early alto style of Jimmy Heath. 10 transcribed solos and edited audio are available along with the presentation.
  3. Jill was in the front row for my presentation at this year’s JEN conference. I talked to her afterwards and it sounded like the autobiography could be out this year. As Ken indicated, it is still getting some final edits. Great to hear that Bill is working on releasing more recordings. I’ll sharpen my pencil and get ready to transcribe more solos.
  4. I am a proud member of the Jazz Education Network and have been honored to present at several of their conferences. I have put all of my presentation materials on my website. A quick summary of what is available: 2016 presentation: The improvisational style of George Robert. George was a fantastic alto player influenced by Bird and Phil Woods. 2017: Brevity Is The Soul Of Wit: A Study of One-Chorus Jazz Solos. An examination of 17 one chorus solos. 2018: Phil Woods and Cherokee. Examining 8 solos Phil recorded over ~50 years. The presentations, transcriptions, and edited audio are available at :
  5. It has been a while since I updated my website. Today, I added a new transcription to my website. This one features Rickey Woodard on alto playing "But Not For Me."
  6. Lester Young Birthday Broadcast

    My favorite three days of the year! Nonstop Pres and Bird through Monday!
  7. Bob Brookmeyer, Composer

    David Berger recently posted some thoughts on Brookmeyer:
  8. I've added a transcription of a Jackie McLean solo on "Confirmation" to my website: Enjoy!
  9. Anyone have contact info for Bird discographer, Robert Bregman? Thanks, Jeff
  10. I'm searching for any Thad Jones charts he wrote for the Basie band (e.g. The Deacon, Sweet and Purty). They are fantastic charts but hard to find. I think they show the origins of what he would go on to write for the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis band. Thanks for any leads. Jeff
  11. I've added a transcription of a Phil Woods solo on "Scrapple From The Apple" to my website: It comes from an excellent album, Sugan, featuring Red Garland on piano.
  12. Chet Baker: The Final Days

    No happy ending to this story, but an interesting discussion of Chet's life and music. It includes some fine playing.
  13. Wardell Gray Film

    I have it and was so disappointed. Wardell really deserves better. I suppose the guy's heart was in the right spot, but the final outcome is a mess. You can tell in that conversation with Benny Carter that the guy is standing on Benny's last nerve
  14. Looking forward to getting my copy. I had heard that this book had been in the works for a long time. Glad to see that it is finally coming out.
  15. Paul Jeffrey, RIP

    Nice to see the Times remembered Paul: