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  1. Moderator - can you fix this mess?
  2. "So Nice" from above CD ... this Blue Note disc is a compilation of 2x10" records from '53 (trio) and '54 (quintet with Frank Foster and Freeman Lee), PLUS 3 additional tracks recorded by Pacific Jazz in LA 1957, with Harold Land, Stu Williamson, Leroy Vinnegar and Frank Butler. "So Nice" comes from this group of 3 tracks, all of which are superb and feature fine compositions and arrangements (Elmo's) and swinging, imaginative solos of the highest order. Elmo has it all together, Land was at a peak at this time, and this may be the best Williamson on record ... plus Leroy and Frank Butler! Pity they didn't record more ...
  3. Lee has some interesting comments in Hamilton's book 217-19 ...
  4. Caught Tootie live once - what a joy!
  5. Always enjoyed his site - RIP
  6. Welcome back, Larry. You were missed ...
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