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  1. You can read James Harrod's sad story of Bud at The Haig here: https://jazzresearch.com/the-haig-part-three/ It is given further coverage in Peter Pullman's excellent "Wail: The Life of Bud Powell" from page 205~
  2. The site is here: https://ethaniverson.com/interview-with-wayne-shorter/
  3. Just reading an old ‘Do the Math’ interview Ethan Iverson did with Wayne Shorter (2015). Wayne talks briefly about appreciating the Tristano people (among others), and Ethan has added a brief excerpt from an unreleased session of Wayne soloing with the Johnny Eaton group (1956), playing “What is this Thing Called Love”. I had heard talk of Warne being an influence on Wayne, and never paid it any special heed, but here it sounds as if Wayne is almost channeling Warne in his solo, even including quotes from the melody of Lee’s “Subconscious Lee” (same changes). Wayne was obviously very familiar with the music of the Tristano people, and of Warne in particular. You can listen to the excerpt - it's about halfway through the interview – a fine solo …
  4. Quasimado

    Earl Anderza

    Hi Erlinda, Merry Christmas to you and yours. He was a fine musician with a very individual style. It's too bad he isn't better known - but there's quite a few tracks out there on Youtube ...
  5. Quasimado

    Tony Scott

    It sounds like you are referring to the 20 minute broadcast of a jam on "Lover Come Back to Me" from Cafe Society in 1950, with Bird, Tony Scott, Brew Moore, Dick Hyman, Ed Shaughnessy and others. Tony's playing is long and generally excruciating. Bird is superb - relaxed, imaginative, melodic and swinging over several perfect choruses ... IMO one of his greatest (and longest) solos on tape.
  6. Interesting about Joe's work with Bird in that 1946 recording. His playing is certainly unsure, especially when compared to the great sides he made with Lester in the same year (You're Driving me Crazy etc.). No doubt he had erratic periods throughout his life, presumably related to his drug supply - but when he was on, he was great, as you undoubtedly know ...
  7. Quasimado

    Tony Scott

    For anyone interested, the response by Evans to Crow's review can be found at the following site: https://www.jazzstudiesonline.org/content/jazz-review THE JAZZ REVIEW - VOLUME 2, Number 7, August, 1959 (Letters/ page 3) Evans essentially responds to what he sees as a biased attack on a personal friend, rather than addressing any issues raised by Crow. Important Site!
  8. Quasimado

    Tony Scott

    It would be interesting to know Evans' reply ...
  9. Looks like a great job - many thanks ... Question - How does the Rank Progress work? I joined in 2004 and have just been promoted to "Newbie" (with 3 badges) ! How long before I become a "Grand Master"?
  10. #4 Serves me right - I couldn't hear it, and my French stinks - It's Soft Shoe from the Mulligan Quartet at La Pleyel 1954.
  11. #4 Tune would have to be "Walkin' Shoes", thanks to the hint and my high school French ...
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