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  1. Muse UK reissues

    Soul Brother recently reissued this excellent album:
  2. Holy cow!
  3. Jazz Room Records This label has been reissuing some interesting stuff on vinyl and they've teamed up with a Japanese label called Mocloud / Ultra-Vybe for the CDs. So far only the Hugo Heredia (which features Horace Parlan) and the Robin Jones Seven have been released as CDs but hopefully the Khan Jamal will come out on CD as well because it's fantastic! I did a quick scan of their Instagram and future releases planned include Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble "Le Le", Hal Singer Jazz Quartet "Soweto to Harlem", Tata Vasquez & His Orchestra "Ecstasy" and John Patton "Soul Connection".
  4. Blue Note Tone Poet Series to continue in 2020...

    The back cover of Passing Ships contains this "analog remix by Malcolm Addey...". Kevin Gray did the LP Mastering.
  5. Blue Note Tone Poet Series to continue in 2020...

    I have the Passing Ships CD which sounds great and I wasn't desperate for a new edition but I picked up the Tone Poet because it's my favourite Andrew Hill album. I'm not an audiophile or vinyl fetishist but the vinyl does sound really good to me.
  6. Blue Note Tone Poet Series to continue in 2020...

    I picked up Andrew Hill's Passing Ships and Dexter Gordon's One Flight Up yesterday. Both releases are excellent.
  7. I don't believe this has been on CD before.
  8. I've been on a Gary Bartz kick lately and I'd be in for a Complete Milestone and Prestige box. The previous CD's omitted "Etoiles Des Neiges" from Follow The Medicine Man, "Du (Rain)" from Taifa, "Disjunction" from Libra and "Sifa Zote" was edited on the I've Known Rivers and Other Bodies reissue. Also, Home! has never been reissued which is crazy.
  9. I've been billed for this set so shipping must be imminent and right on schedule.
  10. Mosaic might want to do a vinyl release for this one. On Ebay, Euclid Records was auctioning 4 of his albums, all of which were stereo copies: In 'N Out ($1,592) Inner Urge ($611), Mode For Joe ($609) and Our Thing ($1,225). Holy cow! After my original post some other Joe related auctions ended. Page One sold for $836! A mono copy of Kenny Dorham's Trompeta Toccata sold for $711. Una Mas sold for $304.
  11. According to an Instagram post by Mosaic Images the set is due in March. I wonder if it might include Basra?
  12. I have all of this material but I would probably buy it. I think if they do go forward they should release something more obscure simultaneously. "We're proud to release 2 box sets by saxophone giants Joe Henderson and Bill Barron". Or whomever. Tie Joe's name recognition to someone more obscure and people might pay more attention than otherwise. And maybe Mosaic should create an Instagram account or some TikTok videos or whatever the hell the latest thing is to try and reach a new audience. Make people understand that jazz isn't stuffy. I'm 43 and got into jazz 30 years ago by listening to A Tribe Called Quest. There has to be a way to market great music to the unitiated.
  13. I came to the realization a few years ago that I had too much stuff. I peaked at 7000 combined CDs and LPs and I've since got it down to 3500 and I'll probably part with another 500-1000. I have Lee's Live At The Lighthouse 3CD release and probably would've been tempted if Mosaic had done a vinyl reissue at some point but a 8CD/12LP release seems like something that I'd buy and listen to once. But I'm a sucker so who knows? I would buy and listen to an expanded version of Denny Zeitlin's Shining Hour: Live At The Trident which was hinted at as a future possibility for Mosaic in the Zeitlin Select liner notes. I would also be in for the Joe Daley Newport box that International Phonograph Inc. was planning to do. Goes without saying that Mosaic boxes of Bill Barron on Savoy/Muse, Cal Tjader on Verve, and Yusef Lateef's Argo, Verve, Impulse! material would be instant purchases.
  14. Black Jazz & Tribe Records
  15. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    I've listened to Disc 1 several times this week. I love this band!