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  1. Totally making sense, thanks! That required run rate seems to be a key barometer, being less of a trailing indicator than all the other data that is put onscreen (and there is a LOT of it!)
  2. I'd not try to argue one way or another, but it was a TV dance show, not a TV concert show. Past that, any quibbles are not mine Maybe it's no longer obvious, but there used to be a segment of the public for whom "big band" and "dance band" we synonymous. This show (a series, actually) is a tangible reminder of that. Like Lawrence Welk's show without the staged numbers. I've got a few episodes on VHS, and it's interesting that Duke made very few accomodations to the dancers. They tried, and on something like Tutti they had it, but a lot of the other tubes were like, ok,I guess we'll just stand here and listen. He was the only one to play it like that. This shows should have been more available than the have been. I wonder what the block has been.
  3. Thanks. What I was asking was from a fan perspective, like, ok, it's going to take a true miracle vs well, they can still pull this one out with a bit of luck and some sustained power hitting. I've seen a few matches where it was literally down to the last over, and some where there was virtually no way, with a lot falling somewhere in between. So at what point does an educated spectator figure where the game is in terms of probable outcome? Is there a win probably formula at any given time on the bottom inning?
  4. The Dave Burns and Bill English sides are both excellent, but neither are likely to be included. No John Hammond connection.
  5. The WGN show was a staged dance show, so yes and yes. Staged or not, people definitely danced. It was. TV dance show.
  6. Ok, this is cool - at the game Sunday night, my son bumped into a friemd of his who's working with the MLC TV team. Tonight he tells my son that he's putting in requests for two sets of two comp tickets. One for the final regular season match (in which Texas plays), and then one for the first playoff game (in which Texas issomewhat likely to play. Glad to go to one of the two, delighted if both come through! Oh, what's a good rule of thumb as to when a match is likely out of reach? Is there one?
  7. https://www.sfgate.com/la/article/oldest-record-store-los-angeles-for-sale-19489017.php?utm_source=pocket-newtab-en-us
  8. I can't - and won't - argue with any of that. But is Mosaic selling it at a "public domain" price point? Did Columbia? And are the proceeds of these sales going back into any kind of taxpayer-related pool? No? So in effect, "we" are paying twice - once for the material production and distribution (but not for any musical expenses, remember, that was all done free of charge), and now again to buy what "we" have already paid for, in a format that "we" weren't supposed to have to begin with. Although, my dad served in the Army during WWII. But stateside, so I guess he wouldn't have been eligible. I'd feel a lot less ambiguous about this (and I'm still preordering) if the AFM and some branch of the DOD would issue a joint declaration releasing all these V-Discs from all prior contractual obligations and that they're now fair game for all to enjoy and for all who are able to profit from. Can't be that complicated, can it? Until then, this seems like the old "wait 'em out" strategy, to just wait until there's too few people left who could press the point, and then just run it on through. Mosaic has always railed against the Euro PDMusiporn sets for running this exact game. Is Mosaic now obligated to pay composer/publishing fees? And nothing for performers estates? Not even to be held in escrow? This seems like a very non-Cuscuna strategy. But he's dead now. Maybe I'll wait for used copies....
  9. The parties involved - the government and the AFM - have yet to breach the agreement. When Columbia released their collection of Sinatra V-Discs (which wasn't complete, leave to Jazz Factory to put out the rest), was any mention made of an agreement between them and the original parties? Or did they just go ahead and do it, gangster it in out t That would seem to be the only American high-profile release that would trigger any kind of action, and of course none were forthcoming. If this is the case, it's a bit disappointing that money is eventually being made where it wasn't supposed to ever be made, at all. Nobody gets paid, ever, until there's nobody left who should have.. No reparations to the AFM, not piece of change for veterans. Spotify is generous, another treaty violated once it becomes convenient. Dieing for freedom! This would not be an issue if copyright, though. Copyright claim was waived in exchange for a zero-commercial use agreement. This would be more along the lines of Terms Of Use and a violation thereof. The only company to date that really matters is Columbia. I would really like to know how their legal department handled the Sinatra release.
  10. What if the original agreements contained the phrase "in perpetuity"?
  11. That's where most of the real meat is, imo.
  12. There's one concert where "Trajectories" is on fire. Some of that material was genetically incapable of catching fire, but it's good to have it affirmed that some of it was, and that the band would let it.
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