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  2. Do we have any color photos that show what color Bobby's turtleneck was?
  3. Still a bit mind-blowing that in cricket, not only is the bowler allowed to pitch directly at the batter, but that the batter is OUT (wicket) if the ball hits him without him hitting it first! These pitches are (generally) not the 90+ mph as routinely found in baseball, but they're still coming in pretty damn hard, some of them are. I've seen quite a few in the mid-80s, more than fast enough to hurt. No wonder the batters wear all that padding! My understanding of baseball is heightening my appreciation of both the similarities and the differences between it and cricket.
  4. I guess we have different definitions of "curiosity", but oh well... I will say, though, that Bandcamp has been a godsend in that regard. Trying before buying has never been easier, and that definitely saves money!
  5. JSngry

    So Long, Shelley

    Her kids' shows were uniformly excellent imo. She was uniquely gifted. Her reported decline in later years made me sad, but she seems to have had a soft landing, and oh yeah, never take Dr. Phil at face value. Never.
  6. Nah. Just one. Or neither. You could also do a Covid-era joke (expiration date soon?) and yeah, we're so stupified that one of us is thinking about sex and the other is thinking sex, and blah blah blah. Not as funny imo, but the punchline fits into various constructs. That's where the art and skill of comedy comes into play. The greats can find a way to make it move. The hacks just repeat it as nauseum They're having dinner and she is viewing this as a chance to talk about something that's "been on her mind", so she's been trying to steer the conversation, and he...may or may not be picking up on it. She thinks he is. They're both looking at menus while they're talking, and finally he looks up and says, so...what do you want? And there you are. I truly envy you if you've never seen this movie.
  7. No, he asks her what she wants. Meaning food. She replies, perhaps after a pause, 69, meaning sex. He then goes straight to the menu because he's, you know, loveable but clueless. Not the same as, but running with the same shoes, yeah. Buddy Hackett had some great jokes, but there's a reason you don't hear them in general circulation today the way that he told them. A lot of people just don't want that these days. The market speaks. Now that's funny as is!
  8. It's a great punchline, but the setup is hoary,antiquated, and desperate need of a basic retooling. The classics never go out of style, but clothes do.j It could well be recast to be told by a young woman who is frustrated by her sweet but clueless boyfriend. They could be having dinner and she could be trying to delicately, but futilely, broach the subject of intimacy. That's the premise, and we already have the payoff. From there, it's up to the skill and imagination of the writer and/or performer to build it into a good bit.
  9. Do you ever buy anything out of curiosity?
  10. https://variety.com/2024/film/news/shelley-duvall-dead-the-shining-nashville-1236067312/
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