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    Wayne Shorter

    I know you know. But...
  2. The "pop hit" version was by Judy Collins.
  3. I started with the red and the green, then the paper bag, and then the Mosaic. After that, what else is there to get except a different format?
  4. Johns Hopkins Hedda Hopper Hoppity Hooper
  5. Really need to ask that spam be reported to the mods. The subject line is innocuous enough, and for all I know this is a legit plug for a legit outlet. And no, it does not have to "do with jazz" to be acceptable here. But it does have to be a legit link to a legit music programming outlet. Is it? https://www.bayern3.de/ That is legit, right? As is this? https://www.br.de/radio/live/bayern3/ Ok, the link is NOT for Radio Bayern 3 , but for an Internet Radio app. Totally different thing. Link removed, poster flaggged a spammer. Again, please report suspected spam ASAP thorugh the accepted process. It'll get looked at and dealth with a LOT faster that way. Thank you.
  6. Tony Williams Lifetime Emergency The first Polydor record/records with infamously horrendous recorded sound. But it's some slamming music, and Schaap made it to where it was a lot easier to hear that just by listening. My CD is the Polydor issue. There's a later Verve issue, no idea who did that one or how. I had avoided a CD of this one for decades, thinking that there was no use, what coul be done, just live with those LPs. But in my car anyway, the CD is more than a little crankable! Bought on a whim yesterday at an HPB on the way home from a Social Security office. To quote Tony elsewhere, "There comes a time..."
  7. So...imagine my surprise... It sounds better than the LP, fersure. Just never would have expected to see Phil Schaap doing this record, not at all.
  8. JSngry

    Wayne Shorter

    There's now three recorded versions of "Endangered Species" (that I know of), none of them like the other. It's not exactly a blowing tune...
  9. It's the same type of source as what I have heard about the Tiberi tapes. Could be pretty decent sonics.
  10. JSngry

    Wayne Shorter

    and some people might even realize that there was a Wayne Shorter album released last year!
  11. Brookmeyer had a certain prickliness. Green did not?
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