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  3. I am wanting to think that I have that Teo record somewhere. I sure hope I do, becuase that's why I didn't order it....
  4. Yes! There's some backalley Roku channel that offered up a few Sing Along with Mitch shows with McGrath featured. Also in the band was Leslie Uggams. Who are the people in your neighborhood inDEED!!!!
  5. I just kinda went a little loopodilla on Discogs and bought 10 records that looked good to me and were within my price range. Unfortunately, a few have escalated in price to the point that I just can't go there. But still... ...here's hoping that Mimaroğlu* - Beaux Arts String Quartet & Janis Siegel - String Quartet No. 4 ("Like There's Tomorow") Doris Hays - Henry Cowell, Morton Feldman, Ilhan Mimaroglu, Leo Ornstein, Russell Peck – Adoration Of The Clash İdil Biret* – The Ravel & Stravinsky Album Ludwig van Beethoven Beethoven Barber*, Charles McCracken, Lucy Greene – Cello Sonatas: Beethoven (No. 5, Op. 102/2) / Barber (Op. 6) Doris Hays - Henry Cowell – The Piano Music Of Henry Cowell Karen Phillips - John Cage / Luciano Berio / Bruno Maderna / David Bedford – Viola Today (Dream / Sequenza VI / Viola [Open & Closed-Form Versions] / Spillihpnerak) Virgil Thomson, Arthur Tollefson – The Piano Music of Virgil Thomson Various – Sleepers Idil Biret - Pierre Boulez / Anton Webern – Piano Sonata No. 2 / Variations (Opus 27) Herbie Mann – Gagaku & Beyond What I really hate to miss is this one, if only (but not just) for the title:
  6. I get that some people like this, but for me it's too...."Post-___". I'm one of those for whom Zappa lost a lot, a LOT, of luster post 1971-ish, and it never really got restored (in spite of the obvious skills). Too me, it seemed that a healthy cynicism began pivoting into outright misanthropy and never really pivoted back. I do, though, really like the very last orchestral thing he did just before his death.
  7. So is this an album of Neil Heft charts?
  8. "Help I'm A Rock" was essentially a jam, and WOIIFTM was an album of songs with some nice inter-track additions. "Billy The Mountain" as presented was a full length production number, one continuous piece with a linear narrative and unified thematic elements from start to finish. Nothing else quite like it, really. 200 Motels, maybe, but not really. I have some bootleg that presents a version of Billy that is a condensed version, perhaps more than half the original length, and it just doesn't work. It's too glib, doesn't breathe, not enough time for things to really develop, simmer, whatever. At the level of completeness that it got, it's good for more than jsut a giggle for me. It's got completeness. In long-form "rock", that's quite a rarity.
  9. I had a 1903(!) Gagaku record on my last BFT. The idiom is totally new to me, and more exploration is needed, for sure! If they still play it now like they did in 1903, it is a very soothing and welcome world, taken at a pace that might elude "Western" notions of time. I'm all in favor of that!
  10. It's the Creel Pone label, and it's a bootleg operation, albeit a loving one. I'll not throw stones here, if you know what I mean. I think I'd like to hear Charles McCracken play Beethoven. It was Mimaroğlu's label, but he's not the main focus of the catalog, at least not in terms of compositions presented. That really startled me, actually, becuase how I knew of it was just his stuff, so it came across as a vanity label of sorts (even if an Atlantic vanity label!). But looking through the entire catalog, there;s a LOT of things in there besides his own electronic/tape works. I'm totally enjoying the Creel Pone collection of his own Finnadar records, that's what got me to wondering what else was on there. Quite a bit, as it turns out!
  11. I think an instructive comparison can be made between Johnny Hodges and Little Walter.
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