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  1. Hammond SK2

    Hello Jim, Saw Organissimo a month or so ago at Club 30 in Lansing (a week after seeing Joey Defrancesco at Cliff Bells playing the "house organ"; an A-100 rebuilt and stuffed into a BC case through a 122a Leslie). I wanted to make a comparison, but the sound in the "disco club deco" (high ceilings, tile, flat walls, lotsa glass) made it difficult. But I will say that the bass from your rig was spot on. Loud, but not overpowering, tight not booming, just great. If you don't mind me asking, what are you using for a subwoofer? A great performance by the band, I look forward to more.
  2. bill heid

    Thanks for the info, I'm still confused, but thats my normal state. We did see Bill with R.J. at the Cadiex Cafe a while ago (nord electro 2) and the backing talent alone was worth the trip (I'm out in Brooklyn Mi.) I think we'll just show up and enjoy the show. Thanks
  3. bill heid

    Does anyone know if Bill Heid is appearing at Cliff Bells in Detroit Nov. 25 2009 with the Spangler Organ Trio? And, will he have a real b-3? Thanks for any info, this guy is the real deal.