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  1. It was happening before. I just shut off all new registrations. The only way to become a member was for me to manually add the person. It was this way for years; probably at least 6 or more.
  2. Interesting thread. It is 100% Larry Young. That's obvious from his solo on Samba de Orpheus and his chord voicings on High Heeled Sneakers. I think the confusion is augmented by the gnarly tone of the organ itself because we associate Larry with that clean, precise tone of the Blue Note records. Also, he's playing a LOT of pedals on Iron City, which he doesn't do on the BN stuff. But my guess is that the organ and the material coaxed him to play it a certain way, maybe a tad more traditional than he usually did. Remember, he did two albums on Prestige that are straight up old-school JOS style Hammond before he started doing his own thing. Those two Prestige albums don't 'sound' like Young at all.
  3. Funny, I stopped watching the NBA in 2005. Yes, that Darko pick turned out to be horrible.
  4. I just reinstalled the plugin. The developer finally got back to me (first contacted him in October) and says it's fixed.
  5. I just suspended all new accounts until I can figure out what's going on. We do have CAPTCHA that is supposed to quell this stuff.
  6. Run it through two Leslies? You need a DI box. TrekII makes one. https://trekii.com/products/all/line-output-box.html Use that to get a solid line level 1/4" output and then you can put the organ through an amp or better yet put it through a Ventilator (Leslie simulator) and THEN through an amp or big PA speaker. That's what I used to do on the road, but not for volume. I did it because we didn't have our own sound guy and most of them had no idea how to mic, let alone mix a Leslie. The Ventilator gave them a mono or stereo output that they could just plug into their board and didn't have to think about. Mixing for dummies.
  7. It's still a great idea but it might be viewed as inappropriate for me to pretend to be a Native American in this political climate.
  8. The developer of the plug-in seems to have disappeared, which is strange because this plug-in has existed for over a decade. It's the same plug-in I was using on the old forum, just updated for the new software. I will try to find another way to make it work.
  9. Yes. Click on the member's name and you'll see a "Follow Member" button up at the top of their profile.
  10. It is before the 11pin. It's actually before the internal sim as well.
  11. I did have the main organissimo page automatically redirecting to the forum. But it isn't doing that now because the entire site is being redone. Correct.
  12. Yes, the official band site is being redone as well. That's long overdue.
  13. To those who were having email issues: The problem should be resolved now. Still waiting to hear from the developer of the 'donations' plug-in as to why it isn't logging donations.
  14. I'm still waiting to hear from the developer of the plug-in about this issue.
  15. Hmm. Not sure why that’s happening. I’ll look into it.
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