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  1. Installing a 428/8000

    Does any one have instructions on how to install a 428/8000 to a C3? I know every web site says let a pro do it. But how do you learn if you cant see how it is done?
  2. What is the better way to connect a C3 to a Leslie 122a? should I use a 6122 or a 428/8000 Console Connector Box>
  3. 122a problem

    I was told if I hook up my C3 to my 122a out of the same socket as I do my tone cab the 122a will still spin at high speed. I tried this and i get a buzzing sound and some organ sound and the horn and lower rotor drum does not turn. Does any done have a clue what I should be looking for?
  4. Hooking up a 122a to a C3

    I have a hammond C3 and I picked up a leslie 122a but I do not know how to hook it up. do I need switches or what I am new at this but I really want to learn how to play it! any Help?
  5. I got me a free B3 & 122

    my little one rockin on the C3! Does any one know how to hook up a C3 to a Leslie 122 can it be done with out a 6122 hook up kit?