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  1. Mystery session - Grachan Moncur & Karl Berger

    "Turns out it's valve trombone. Good ear on Karl Berger--before I figured it out, I was iffy on the trombone being Moncur--but Berger was unmistakeable. " Yep. This is funny, I figured this out just before I saw your (ep1str0phy) post. I was a lot less sure myself that it was Moncur (kind of a muffled sound, a couple of Moncur-type phrases but 'not really'), but I was nearly positive it was Berger. And the reason this particular tune sounded 'familiar' is that I'd already dubbed this same album off another cassette 4 days before. I've been doing 2 or 3 of these a day for the last 2 months and everything is running together. Thanks!
  2. Mystery session - Grachan Moncur & Karl Berger

    It's a full album - can't remember where I got it, but you can hear the surface noise so it's an actual release. I would have dubbed it around 1990, and it sounds like a 60s recording I think it sounds more like Berger than anyone (some of the high-pitched vocalizing, for example) - don't think it sounds like Hutcherson. Maybe the alto is Robin Kenyatta. Here's a link to an mp3 of the first track: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i2getxu8otpz79p/Untitled%201.mp3?dl=0
  3. While dubbing off several decades of cassettes to digital format, I've run across a date that's really frustrating me. It's an unmarked cassette of a studio date, probably mid to late 60s, that's clearly Moncur and Berger. It's probably Marion Brown on alto, and I'm thinking Beaver Harris is on drums. No idea of the bassist. I can't find any mention anywhere that Moncur and Berger ever recorded together. Can anyone toss me a clue? I'm not on here much; is it allowed to attach a sound bite from it? The first tune is pretty familiar, and they nearly all sound like Moncur tunes.
  4. Anyone know if there a listing w/ personnel, dates, etc. of all those broadcasts from the 70s/80s? I know there were well over a hundred of them. Wonder if there's still anyone at NPR who had anything to with the production.
  5. nope, that wasn't me, although I don't necessarily disagree with the sentiments. Damon Short