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  1. Especially relevant after 2021's amazing "The Boy' Multi-National Crusade For Harmony" on New World Records.
  2. Featuring the band at 10 p.m. eastern and in the first part of each hour until 3 a.m. Recordings and special recorded performances done live on Blue Lake. Streaming live from www.bluelake.org/radio
  3. Dan, here's a link to that original broadcast from 2009. https://bluelake.ncats.net/ondemand/Studio%20Performances-Organissimo%20w%20Arno%20Marsh%20and%20Dan%20Jacobs-0-20050711.mp3 (Today's on-demand program features "Sweet Potato Pie").
  4. Please join #JazzFromBlueLake today as we feature Organissimo, the celebrated jazz organ combo from Michigan who marked their 20th anniversary playing together recently, and whose keyboardist, Jim Alfredson, was just recognized with a lifetime award from the Jazz Alliance of Mid-Michigan. Organissimo appeared live on #BlueLakePublicRadio with saxophonist Arno Marsh and another time with trombonist Paul Brewer. You’ll hear those performances and more by clicking the #JazzFromBlueLake links at www.bluelake.org/ondemand today.
  5. That tribute to Jimmy Smith record features Archie Shepp on a few numbers, tenor and voice. Holla.
  6. Sweet. Talk about second acts! March 8, 2005 Grimes and Marshall Allen brought their "Spaceship on the Highway" by Blue Lake Public Radio's studios here at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in the Manistee National Forest and improvised/interviewed for an hour on the air. Allen played a shiny new alto, clarinet and EWI while Grimes was content with Olive Oil, his green lacquered bass William Parker bequeathed for the comeback. All improvisations. November 29, 2006 Henry and Margret returned with brass man Roy Campbell (trumpet, flugelhorn, pocket trumpet) for an hour of improvisation and conversation, this time including an unforgettable reading of Ayler's "Universal Indians." Some time in 2010 Grimes dropped by one last time with his "Renaissance Man Tour" which featured his first public violin playing since he put down the instrument years ago, as well as solo bass improvisations and poetry reading. Great, great moments. So generous with his music.
  7. Thank you sir. Love those David Stone Martin covers.
  8. Friday is the 100th anniversary of drummer/bandleader Art Blakey's birth (yes, his recordings are featured on Friday night's Jazz From Blue Lake, 10 p.m. - 3 a.m. over 88.9 and 90.3 FM, streaming live from www.bluelake.org/listen). Then, on the 27th, Detroiter Sean Dobbins joins guitarist Joshua Breakstone and bassist Marion Hayden for their tribute to Art Blakey at LaFontsee Galleries in the Underground Concert Series produced by www.adventuremusic.org. Drum on!
  9. Thanks for posting Chinen's review.
  10. The Blue Lake Public Radio Jazz Datebook is attached. www.bluelake.org/radio Jazz Datebook October 3, 2019.docx
  11. James Carter chimes in? Man, his debut on Blue Note recorded live at Newport was our on-air funder premium so my boss suggested I get him saying a few words about Blue Lake that we could use on the air. Two hours later! Man, what a conversation! His memory is astonishing. The Blue Lake part is up under "Interviews" at www.bluelake.org/ondemand. This last year the concert series I'm "curating" in Grand Rapids, MI, featured Detroit/Aretha drummer Gayelynn McKinney with saxophonist Dave McMurray (who's "In A Sentimental Mood" was in that tough tenor mold), and their keyboardist Gerard Gibbs (University of Michigan grad) played Herbie Hancock's "Butterfly" during sound check at the most perfect tempo. When he wasn't in gig mode and just playing with feel, damn man -- nothing to show off there but pure time. He's on James new one playing organ. The album is Django melodies, but, you know, "Melodie Au Crepuscule" gets a Bill Withers "Use Me" background. I really don't care because it all comes out James in the end, and at his best, when he's lit, it's the whole story. He and Scott Robinson are saxophone nerds to the tenth power, and fountains of insight. Robinson's coming to GR this year to play duets with Chicago drummer Jack Mouse, free duets. Click the link?! Jazz Spam: www.adventuremusic.org Looking forward to the Tough Tenors. Do you have those sides they recorded at Minton's?
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