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  1. Tribute to Big John Patton

    Great! Vibes + organ + guitar => "Let 'em roll" will be a "Must-play "
  2. Hammond SK2

    I have not expected that you like the SK-2. In your videos we see you making frequent adjustments to the drawbars while playing. I cannot image that a "native B-3 player" can get happy with a single set of fader-like "drawbars". Furthermore I cannot image that the lower weight does not sacrifice other things, such as the high-quality keyboard of the XK-3©. I'm looking forward to your review...
  3. XK3 Settings

    Although I am a novice XK-3c player (and a newbie in this forum - Hi to everyone!) I can make a small contribution concerning this topic: Both the XK-3 and XK-3c versions of your (meanwhile legendary ) settings have been published on the Yahoo XK-3 group. Join and go to "Files -> XK-3c Tonewheel Bank & SU File ->" file: Jims1958-B3-TW-XK3c.SET description: Jim Alfredsons 1958-B3 TW Set for the XK-3c The XK-3 version ist located in another directory.