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  1. Saw him with his band Acoustic Death Wish - Cox, Dave King, & Brandon Wozniak in June at the now defunct (closed last day of June) Artists Quarter in St. Paul.  Great playing - mostly Cox originals and an Ornette tune.  

  2. 42 minutes ago, medjuck said:

    Wow Thanks.  This isn't even in The New DESOR.  IS it ok to share this with the Duke Ellington List-Serve? 

    Sure - figure it should be out in the world. 


    4 hours ago, jay2b2 said:

    This is a nice find. Timner's Ellingtonia (5th ed.) shows nothing between June 8 and July 6, 1946. 

    Here is the personnel of Ellington's July 9, 1946 record date for reference:

    Taft Jordan, Shelton Hemphill, Cat Anderson, Francis Williams, Shorty Baker (tp),
    Ray Nance (tp, vln, vcl) Joe Nanton, Lawrence Brown, Claude Jones, Wilbur DeParis (tb), Jimmy Hamilton (cl, ts) Johnny Hodges (as) Russell Procope (as, cl) Al Sears (ts), Harry Carney (bar, b-cl, cl) Duke Ellington (p), Fred Guy (g), Oscar Pettiford (b), Sonny Greer (d), Kay Davis, Al Hibbler (vcl)

    The contents of the uploaded music files, each of which is about 15 1/2 minutes, appear to be the following :

    1. Take The “A” Train/Announcement/Take The “A” Train/Transblucency (kd vcl)/
        C Jam Blues/I’m Just A Lucky So-and-So (ah vcl)/Announcement/
        Riff Staccato (cut off)

    2. Riff Staccato (cut in)/Come Rain Or Come Shine (kd vcl)/Blue Skies/
        Things Ain’t What They Used To Be/Outro/Intro Of Interview/
        Start Of Interview    

    Thanks very much. Any other acetates lying around?


    A few other interesting things i’ve lucked into while out digging for stuff. I have a full set of the second Esquire concert I need to get transcribed cause they look as clean as the Duke discs - hopefully sound good too.


  3. Free to download - Ellington in Duluth 1946 - from broadcast acetates I found last summer.  Third is an interview with Duke and Strayhorn. Interesting snapshot of an average workday.

    probably need to request access. 


  4. All this dance talk reminds me I have an acetate of Steve Condos with Chu Berry - trend chasers I guess....

  5. 4 hours ago, clifford_thornton said:

    Hey Russ, just followed you. I am asking around. I know some people int the music biz up there.

    Cool, thanks! If it works we'll get copies to you and Jeff Crompton.  It's odd how difficult it is to find a home for something like this.  I first thought to give then to the Jazz Museum but no response at all. But probably better to be with Tristano - she has the mission to keep it alive.

  6. 6 hours ago, clifford_thornton said:

    Agreed. Again, depending on where you live, I or someone else on the board can probably connect you with someone to help in case you need it.

     If there is someone who could transfer them in the Minneapolis area I'd be happy to meet up.  The discs are recorded right to the label and my player for 78's (Dual 1229) does not have that much arc and even if it did - I have no digital recording equipment or even a tape deck for that matter - but 9 turntables.  There are a few samples on twitter where I recorded video, very dull to watch a speaker but worth it .  My twitter is @russjazz if anyone cares to hear. 

  7. Bought a bunch of acetates that are pretty cool. Tristano recordings and very early Lee Konitz & Lloyd Lifton.

    The Lennie records are: 

    Lennie Tristano Quartet - with accordion (Leon Sash?), bass, guitar.  6 tunes on 4 discs.  I found a new baby, night in Tunisia (2x), pick-up sticks, honeysuckle rose, one other tune.  Pretty good fidelity.

    Lennie Tristano Trio - August 21, 1948. 3 tunes on one disc, Indiana, What is this thing called love, don't blame me. Noisy and faint - will need help.

    Chubby Jackson Quartet - Lennie, Bauer, drummer. September 1946.  Happy Monster, Milton, (two of the accordion tunes are at the end of each side of this disc), Sherry, Wow.  Massive hum on the 4 tunes - sounds like the cutter was not grounded - will need help.

    Lennie solo - one side - you can depend on me, just you - just me.  There is one more 7" solo  disc I put away for safekeeping and now can't find - but I will...I hope.

    Flip side of I found a new baby is the end of a Konitz / Lifton version and a solo version by Lee of in a sentimental mood.  Flip side of the solo Lennie is I surrender dear by Konitz/Lifton band dated June 19, 1946. All the Lifton/Konitz tunes sound damn good. 

    The rest of the Konitz/Lifton tunes are: Lover Man, How High the Moon (2sides), Poppity Pop, Memories of You, Out of Nowhere, My Blue Heaven, You Can Depend on Me, Don't Blame Me, Lullaby in Rhythm (2 sides), and last half of Man I Love (first half on the Flipside delaminated and lost in shipment to me).

    One disc of Lee singing with Bob Dunn - your driving me crazy, you are too beautiful, I'll remember April, embraceable you.  

    Lots of cool stuff!  Gonna pack and send to Carol Tristano who will hopefully make them available eventually. Kinda worried about how to safely send to Paris...

  8. Moderate and sudden onset due to high frequency hearing loss resulting from chemotherapy. Doc says it is an artifact of my brain dealing with the missing information nothing particular to do or worry about? Has gotten less difficult over time. Better to be above ground so no complaints...