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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Hey, he's not Mose Allison, but I enjoy a few of Ben's albums including this one. Good tunes and great players.
  2. Must-have box sets (non-Mosaic)

    First box I ever bought. Back when they cost a small fortune.
  3. I've got all of them except Flat Tire. And they left out All Night Wrong.
  4. Fusion and progressive guitar junkies probably already have these albums, but they're now in a 12 disc box. Best price - importcds
  5. Dave Valentin passes away at 64

    RIP It's a tragedy he had to suffer for many years. The healthcare situation in this country really stinks.
  6. I've never listened to Interstellar Space. I like Crescent, the s/t Impulse and Prestige albums, and Coltrane's Sound. Not a big fan of his free playing.
  7. Larry Coryell R.I.P.

    I caught that trio about 16 years ago. A very good show! They made a great album too.
  8. Black Saint/Soul Note Box Sets

    I just ordered the Roach box after listening to the first album on YouTube. It sounds great! Got it for 21 dollars from a an English vendor. I've always liked Max's stuff throughout the years.
  9. Black Saint/Soul Note Box Sets

    Any opinions on the second Max Roach set? Several of the albums feature Odean Pope. But I've heard that Christmas album is not too great. I'm currently listening to the Cyrille set which is superb! Love the bass player, Nick DiGeronimo.
  10. Analyst: Target should drop CDs

    I can't afford to shop at Target. I go to Walmart when I'm jonesing for the latest Garth Brooks CD.
  11. Frank Zappa

    Amen! I'd like to hear a full band version of Sleep Dirt. There was some sound check footage on YouTube of the '88 band playing that tune.
  12. Gary Burton Retiring

    Thanks so much for that Miami Herald piece! I lost it listening to Chick and Gary doing the Tiny Desk Concert. Such beautiful music. Gary will be missed.